Kya Cool Hain Hum

Kya Cool Hai Hum! Kya Cool Hai Hum! Tushar and Riteish D gyrated to the song of the namesake to find the former a hot girl friend? What makes our generation cool and do we need to set a benchmark for cool quotient in today's massive consumption society and mall culture?
Does indulging in drugs, two-timing, 'friends with benefits' read a busy sex life with multiple partners, partying or what one term, 'call centre' culture makes us cool?
The cool dude, sporting the biceps, chaperoned by a babe on a swanky bike and driving his way on hot wheels and speeding at the Andheri highway. Would that be termed cool? The super rich girl driving a swanky BMW or Rolls Royce in the affluent Punjab much to the envy of girls and guys will surely grab eye balls. Well, what do I feel is cool? It's not about displaying wealth indecently or wearing expensive Dolce and Gabbana but rather as being comfortable in what one's wear or drive. I feel that cool is linked to happiness and the former is a state of mind and being. For instance, when I got myself my brand new HTC One X handset or I-Pad it was not to flash these assets and show how cool I am. One may say that hey, you got a laptop, why the need for the IPad? Baby! For the nature of work, I keep traveling and hoping from one place to another and I find it difficult to carry the laptop all the way. Last time, when I traveled to Delhi/Gurgaon for work purpose, it was quite a burden to be armed with the travel bag, luggage and lappie bag and I mulled over the IPad which I can easily slink in the bag. It's not about showing or raising the stock of my cool quotient. The same goes for my clothing and I am not going to deny that I love wearing my branded denims and attire. I am very comfy in my Levis Jeans, formal trousers that I pick at West Side or shoes at Woodlands. It's not trying to be desperately cool but being comfortable in what I wear. For me, it's Wear Your Attitude. Period!
Today, the buzz word, 'Cool' is an invention or a concept popularized by the glamorous or new media where young guns are encouraged to flaunt what they possess. It's not about that or putting your pictures with three hottest babes in a party on Facebook? Certainly, the young people who are swayed to this particular definition of what's cool are under spell and losing their individuality as human being. I am cool since I know that I will not lose my true-self or identity as a person and they day I start emulating others, I cannot call myself a cool dude. A cool dude or gal for me is one whose temper is not flayed at the very provocation and try to be someone else. Hey! Hold on! Angry young man tag hold good on Amitabh Bachchan on screen but not off screen. Why do you need to be someone you are not? Being confident, composed and speaking or acting in a dignified manner is cool. Doing your own stuffs and having the courage to go against the crowd without the fear of being judged for me defines coolness.
There is no such thing as 'cool' being an exclusive domain reserved only to a niche of people composed of film stars, pop stars, business tycoons or icons. Just be yourself. Just because somebody is indulging in free sex, partying like an animal, you don't need to do that just for the fucking sake of emulating them. That's not cool. Fine, if that's your life that's cool for you and you will be comfy in doing that. If it's not your stuff, then why do it? There is no such thing as morally good or bad, right or wrong but rather being comfy in your skin.

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