Ugly Face of Capitalism

A small prayer and good wishes to the people of Uttarakhand who lost their family members and their belongings as well as those who were rendered homeless during the flash floods. It's horrifying to see the images on NDTV where people were stranded and left fending for themselves in the cold on the top of mountains without food and water. The beautiful state of Uttarakand do not deserve such a treatment and my heart goes out to this wonderful place and the residents.
I laud the role of the Indian Army& Air Force who fought relentlessly day and night to save lives. The jawans risked their lives and jumped from helicopters to save people left stranded on the hills. It's commendable and evoke respect at the face of human tragedy. We can only be proud of the Indian Army Officers. It makes me Proud To Be An Indian.
Let's hope that there is respite from the rains and that the authorities are able to save everybody before the angry and furious cloud strike again. One should also pray that no more lives are lost.
Many will argue that it is a natural calamity but one is tempted to ask whether we have not violated the sanctity of land and earth. This is the ugly face of capitalism where clearances were given to construct buildings near rivers and that too, in low-lying areas. Why no consideration was given to ecology and greenery? We are amassing wealth by constructing sky-rocketed buildings and we call it business. Raking crores at the cost of the environment and sacrificing human lives! When are we going to learn our lessons?!
Let's pray for the homeless and innocent people who lost lives and loved ones.
It is not easy to lose parents, children and siblings.
It is tragic that nature is taking its toll on us.
Till we learn our lessons.
Spread love and humanity.

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