Day of the average no-gooder, out-of-work media bloke

Thirty-something media professional wake up late, growing unkempt and itchy beard. He is on a sabbatical and misses the morning moors and chirping of birds. You become lethargic to the hilt when you suddenly find yourself out of job. You are worried about the future and loathes on, 'what if I never find myself a job or not able to achieve my dreams.' No dude! It's makes no point to  freak out for no fucking reason. Life has its ups and downs. It is not even a downer but a sabbatical. It's not even getting stucked up but rather a phase-cum-break from the slogging era where you worked like hell.
Right now, I'm not working. I mean, I left two jobs back-to-back coz of the lack of fulfilment and I am busy looking around for opportunities. Nopes! I am not unhappy since it makes sense to be on a break but the only hitch is the money is not flowing. There is no need to hit high-voltage drama and go on an emotional rampage. Yeah! I wake up at 11 and surf news channels, read newspapers online, read books and write poems and blogs. I feel so happy that finally, I am getting the ME time, which was scarce at one point. Luxury has thrust itself upon me and grabbing it with both hands to do my own stuffs. It is an enjoyable perk of not feeling any sort of work pressure, running amok to meet deadlines and going on for days sporting the un-shaved look and chilling. I know that once I bag the new job which will not be hard to get, I will not be able to afford the time I am enjoying now. It's like the sinful pleasure of a mental and emotional masturbation.
Any professional meeting! Nah! Not really! I am cherishing the moments I have christened moods and moments, not the condom, you pervert mind.  I have the habit of jotting things to do on my diary and work or no work, this is thing that I can't do without. One does get lazy and it's been long I haven't written anything on the perso diary or some job applications needs to be done. I have this bad habit of postponing things for later and this bad habit characteristic of a schmuck need to be pulled down.
The average day is spent, blogging as well as reading and commenting on other blogs. I check my mails, amidst coffee cup in the morning, and try reading Times of India, Guardian and watching NDTV or Headlines Today to catch the latest buzz. The evening is spent reading book and I just started Patrick French's India and again the evening news plus working on my novel that I just started. Of course, chatting with friends on G-chat is the icing on the cake. Guess, need to devise alternate ways to make the day more productive.
The night normally end around 3 or 4 a.m in the morning where I struggle to find peaceful sleep which is becoming a distant reality these days. Till then, bye bye.
Alvida, phir milenge

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