Why does your face keep haunting me?

Why does your face keep haunting me?!
It's been decades since we called it quits and break apart from each other.
The hurt, bruises and dejection..is it not enough?
You were forgotten for a long time and you choose to appear again!
Why does your voice need to whisper in my ears?
I dunno what has become of you..
Then, why, why and why?
Can't you just get out and live your life?
Why do I need to be remembered of the times spent together?
Yet, I am not longing for you.
You are not part of my life anymore.
Does it mean something?
Are you thinking of me, right now?
Don't think about me!
We've seen enough things together and we don't deserve to go through the same again and again.
It's no longer cute.
I am shouting loud and clear, I have moved on.
Now, will you disappear coz I loathe to hurt you.

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