Smell the Kaffee

You know you love coffee when you cannot resist the urge of buying a cup of boiling coffee at the airport when you are waiting for your flight. You know coffee smell like sex when everything break loose as you dash over the counter and ask for the cuppa coffee. Yet, you are oblivious of the fact that your moron friend is conspiring behind your back when he lovingly buy you coffee in the plastic cup and tenders the cup in your hand. He urges you to drink the coffee by sweet talking you that the coffee you've been longing for is getting cold. It's like the same moron friend attempting to barge in your room when you are in the middle of hot, sexy and passionate sex.
It happened one night when I was scheduled to fly for Mumbai, decades back. It was raining heavily and I was feeling cold like hell. A good and dear friend came to drop me, along with mom and dad at the airport..what with the teary-eyed parents and me super excited to be back in Mumbai, we decided to soothe the mood by having kaffee. My kind-hearted friend was gung-ho in doing us the honors and he prodded me to walk with him, while mom and dad waited in the airport lobby, to enjoy our coffee along with a fag outside, far away from the gaze of seniors. I was super excited as I loove ma coffee with a fag during winter. He shouted, 'What are you waiting for? Gulp the coffee jaldi, dude. It's getting cold.' The nice sajjan guy that I am, nipped the coffee down my throat and almost jumped in a state of paralysis. The throat was burning like hell and it took me a while to understand that the coffee was hot as hell, like the MTV Splitsvilla babes. The man split one's sides and indulged in a laughing riot. What a kamina friend while I was left languishing in hell.
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