Bucket List to make before Flying

You gotta take a long flight away from home, to home and to a brand new place in that place of the world where you have no relatives, friends or ancestors or pets, anxiety pangs hit you hard. You planning to travel for few days, weeks, months, a year or for ever, no worry! Have you ever tried a bucket list of stuffs to bring with you? If you wanna play Mr Cool, Miss Cool and don't wanna carry excess baggage, what are parents for? Of course, they love pestering you to bring X, Y, Z doesn't matter if you will use the stuffs or chuck them mid-way. I hate carrying lotsa stuffs along yet things are always forced down the luggage. No tension. Here, are few thing that you may need.

1. Toiletries
Forget what your mom says, there are certain things that you may need if you are relocating. Take a toothbrush, mini-toothpaste and facewash and you may just do like me, I buy the most inexpensive toothbrush and paste coz I know that I will chuck it out and give to someone. It comes handy for first few days before I locate a shop. If I am re-locating to any city in India, I know that toiletries is easily available and, thus, have no qualm in carrying them. But, owing to mom prodding me, I take the stuffs along. Also, don't forget wet cotton tissue, cologne and cotton pads that help you during the long, overhaul flight.

2. Clothes
Normally, I hate carrying lotsa of clothes that will make my luggage heavy and for which the fucked up airport authority will screw my credit card or cash. I normally take three to four tee, three shirts, few socks, underwear, single trousers and a pair of jeans as well as few banyans. That much is enough till the time I settle down and may buy some stuffs for personal use.

3. Book (s)
I normally take a book or two which I carry in my backpack so that I am able to read in the plane. I hate flying by plane coz I can't get sleep and, therefore, reading comes as a pleasurable self-indulging stuff. It's another matter that I hardly read coz of the spirits and food. How I wish I could move places without taking the cursed plane. Just hate it!

4. Medicines
This is one thing I go along with what mom insists I take in my travel pouch. You cannot know when a headache might struck you off the seat, face loose motion and minor hiccups during your flight. I normally take immodium, panadol and other related drugs. What I can't do without is the sleeping pills in my attempt to crash on my seat if I am getting bored and I know I
will, during the stupid flight. I normally take Amoxil since when the plane lands, I can't bear the excruciating stomach pain and pangs in the ear. On my way from Dubai to Mumbai, I popped a pill and was able to sleep for some time. Trust me, it helps.

5. Snacks
Lol! Kidding! You've paid for the air ticket and don't think, they will refuse to give you some snacks to munch along with your drinks. I did managed to sneak in a bottle of water inside, despite its strictly not allowed. But, do it at your own risks!

6. Notebook
Since I love writing, I always make it a point to carry along pen and notebook to scribble along since you don't enjoy the perk of using Ipad and laptop in economy class. The Ipad is nicely slinked inside the backpack, along with the lappie bag cushioned  under the plane seat.

7. Other related lists
-Place all heavy items at the bottom of the luggage.
-make way for socks, handkerchiefs and mini stuffs in between your heavy stuffs
-carry valuable stuffs with your own, ever-moving body
-make sure you check all items before you lock the luggage

8. Check passport before leaving home
It's a near obsessive habit that I have nurtured over time at the risk of being called a jerk. I make sure to check my stuffs, including luggage, passport and air tickets thousand times before leaving home. I do freak out and ensure that I may not go back home to pick up stuffs nicely forgotten on the table.

Bon Voyage and enjoy the trip.
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