Dating Tips

You like her but are unsure about your feelings and confused how to pop up the simple question to her, I like you. Are you game for dating? It's a tricky question, no matter how self-confident you are and there is always the fear of rejection.  There are days when you will sing happily in the house and jump like a 'deewana' as your wandering heart will pop widely and shine at the thought of her face. Skip counting the heart beats coz it doesn't get you the girl but signal to the brain that you like her. It's the time to act, babe.

1. Sleep with the cell phone
Before getting the girl, do the net practice with the cellphone who comes handy and partner-in-gloves in more than one ways. Yeah! sleep with the cellphone, be gentle and cuddle each other. There is one emotion called sms that will bring both of you closer. Take the plunge and just drop a hi, what u doing? Sms has set the tone for so many love stories and brought so many closer. You will get to know each other very and lotsa secrets will be shared since it's a veiled world where both of you can flirt without being conscious. Trust me on that.

2. Chatting
What night owls and romantics like me do in the middle of the night? It's no secret that we are not porn surfers, Facebook is getting on us and G-chat provides the platform for many love stories. It's cheaper and free of cost when you've run down phone balance due to your 100+ smses in the middle of the night. It's fun and you can share romantic songs with each other. I love sending romantic songs as a hint is dropped without spelling the tough and most difficult words, I like you, I wanna date you or you are forever in my thoughts.

3. Write a poem for her
Girls actually love to be wooed by a nice, soft and romantic poem where you flatter her beauty, albeit eyes, hair and face. Poem never goes out of fashion. So what are you waiting for? Duck into your creative clothes and start writing a beautiful and romantic poem that you can sms her to wish good morning.

4. Romantic and Love forwards
Be romantic. Girls love to be surprised by romantic forwards that you can easily get online and this will get them thinking on your true intention till the bait bites. An incurable romantic will sweep the girl off her feet by forwarding her the beautiful forwards which will warm up her heart. This is a sign that you are interested in her and that love matters over everything else.

 5. Surprise her with flowers
Flowers makes our day and you can start by buying her a white rose to extend your hand of friendship. As your relationship gently moves to flirting, buy her a red rose as you walk down the busy streets together. There is nothing more romantic when both of you stop by the flower shop as you bend on your knees in front of the crowd to kiss her hand and tender the red rose.

 6. Be Chivalrous
In this age of social media mushrooming and big, fancy talks of equality between both sexes, women adore a chivalrous man who opens the door of the plush BMW, fancy apartment and hold her chair when you take her in the high-end restaurant. Chivalry never goes out of fashion no matter how much life changes and it has nothing to do with being conservative. A gentleman goes out of his way to make his women look beautiful and be happy inside.

7. Ask her for coffee
It's probably the easiest way to ask a woman out for a date. I personally love coffee and I believe it is a gentleman way to ask a woman out since a coffee date brings people closer. On a coffee date, you can make your woman comfortable and let her do the talking. One word of caution: Never monopolize the conversation and make her feel important. Let her strum with her hair so that she can give you the signs that she wants you too. Be gentle and make her the princess. It's not about You, You, You but it's about HER since you want to date her.

8. Movie date
Among all things, the movie date is the natural one after you've taken her out for coffee. There is nothing more beautiful than holding her hand in the movie theater as she leans on your shoulder. Pluck a gentle kiss on her lips and make the first movie date a memorable experience for both of you to remember.

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