The Last Telegram

It was the last letter she received from the lover. For ten years, they have been communicating through telegrams to tell how much they love each other and long to be with each other. Meet, Sukanya who love playing with the hair locks of Padma whenever she visits. For days they are together, Sukanya and Padma would roll on the bed, running their fingers on each others' face and smooch passionately.
They avoided e-mails for fear that Padma husband might see the love mails and sms exchanged expressing their love for each other. At that time, Padma parents discovered that their daughter was in love with a woman, they sank in disbelief and force her to marry somebody rich they know. Padma lacked the courage to say no, unlike Sukanya who rebelled against her parents and left the house to stay somewhere in New Delhi. Padma moved to Calcutta but would always make some work travel excuse to meet the love of her life, Sukanya. Padma was agog with excitement during the long train journey from Calcutta to Delhi and wondered whether her love received the telegram message in the times of internet and sms. She cursed her destiny for using telegraph services, something which less and less people are using in India and the world. She wondered what would happen one day should the government decide to close the shutters of the Telegraph office. 
Padma alighted at the station and picked up her bag to walk towards the Telegraph Office. She stood at the deserted office and smile. "Oh! Telegraph office, you united two lovers when the world was dead against us. How would we survive and love in this cruel world that condemned us and vowed us to death. I get shiver when I think what if people found out about our love." She shed a tear or two and hailed a rickshaw. The rickshaw driver asked her, "Oh! Madam, I saw you standing in front of the Telegraph office and wondered how a young woman like you uses telegram in an age where sms and e-mail do the trick. My daughter doesn't even know how a telegraph looks like." She lit a cigarette and answered, "Bhaiya (brother), there are some things that never changes in life. You will not understand how much love goes into the telegraph and how I pour my heart in the letter. My friend waits for my telegram and feels so happy that she can see the tears in my eyes while reading the letter."
She handed fifty rupee note to the rickshaw-walla and the vehicle disappears in a distance. Padma took the elevator and reaches the third floor. She pressed the bell and Sukanya, decked up with red lipstick open the door. They dragged each other on the bed as Padma and Sukanya hugged and pressed each other, rolled on the tiny bed. Sukanya kissed Padma on her neck as they pulled each others' clothes. They stood naked on the bed, Padma sitting on Sukanya's legs and running her hands on her lover's breasts as their faces stroke each other.
"I have decided to leave my husband and have come to stay with you, I cannot afford to live such a fake existence anymore and every time we have sex, I feel that he is raping me,"Padma announced.
Sukanya is surprised and delighted, 'Did you told your husband?"
"No, I will send him a telegram."
Sukanya get up from the bed and say, "Let's sit and write the letter."
Padma wrote, 'Dear, I am sorry to tell you that I have left the house since I no longer want to fool both of us by being in this relationship. Please try to understand and hope you find someone who will love you coz I never did."

They drove to the Telegraph Office and the clerk told them to hurry up since business will close in ten minutes. Padma and Sukanya were getting late for dinner and asked whether they can come tomorrow. "How can you come tomorrow? Didn't you read in the papers and on TV that today is the last day and Telegraph Office will close forever?", the amused clerk asked.
Sukanya and Padma looked at each other and exuded a surprised smile. They posted the last telegram and walked away. On their way out, the two lovers clicked a picture in front of the Telegraph office and Padma asked, "I wonder whether I did the right thing by leaving Rishi. But, I am I did because there shall be no distance called Telegram between us now. They held each other in the arms and kissed their way to heaven.

PS: Tribute to the 163-year old birdie called Telegraph Office in India. All the characters depicted are fictitious and bears no uncanny resemblence to any human being, dead or alive.

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