Reasons why Rom-Com Novels Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Move over hard-core super speciality brain-wired intellectuals decrying that rom-com novels sells dreams in an anaesthetic package! The world love entertainment and love the love you make-cum-the boy meets girl chemistry. We all love the glamor from time-to-time, don't we? Lovers relish the dream world that weaves magic and dil toh bachcha hai ji..even as grown up, we indulge in rollicking pleasures and sins as we die to read the rom-com novels that once melted our hearts. 


Remember, when we were sixteen..age to explore everything related to the beautiful-girl-next-door in our colony, holding the red rose close to the heart and the sheepish smile she sported and laughed at us but the attention she craved for. Don't we still love watching the candy-floss romance and songs of Maine Pyar Kiya, Dil Hai Ke Manta Nahin, Dil Kya Kasoor, Aashiqui, Saajan as well so many 90s love flicks? You bet! hahaha!

1. Youth forms an important chunk of India's population and will continue growing to sustain the vibrant economy. The call center, young college-going crowd swarm to the movie theatres that set the ticket counter ringing and most of the paper-back rom-com sell like hot vada-pav. We all love to be loved, cuddle and the feeling of reading the rom-com is comforting as we long for emotional zing. It keeps hope alive even if you are single and Chetan Bhagat's next may well be your love story.

2. Just stand at VT or Churchgate Station in Mumbai and witness the flurry of commuters running to catch the local to office. Life is tough and what with the daily tension, we all love to bury our head deep in a candy-flossy romantic novel and seek an escape to emotions, love, kisses and warm comfort. Stories can be churned and remember, all the authors have been through crushes, love at first sight, flirting and break-ups. There must be an ounce of truth in the rom-coms. It can be your love story.

3. Rom-com is about you&me and all that matters. It teaches us to love, be affectionate and sensitive to this beautiful girl or boy. It's all about emotions, tickling of the heart and romance on the streets and the soul. Books are great teachers as our emotions is transported from one place to another and the highway of love never goes out of fashion.

4. Rom-com is about one city as love travels from one city to another. It captures and captivates the soul of a city. Many love stories were penned in Mumbai, Delhi or even the small towns in India. Case in point: One Night at the Call Centre, Two States, Bombay Girls Bombay Rains, I am Broke..Love Me, If It's Love It's Forever and many more stories whipped in a particular city. It brings a sense of belonging and inspiration to fall in love...It's the flavor of the season.

5. Who doesn't love reading mushy romance? It's a tale of self-belief, a love that will unfold itself as we nurture hope that love will happen soon at 360 degrees. It's like a surprise bouquet of flowers and mint chocolates offered to us as we tend to claim, so what it didn't happen, it will!

6. Flirting and romance is healthy and good for health. It makes us feel wanted and there is no better feeling that being love as the beautiful princess waits for me, the Knight in shining armor. I wait for the perfect princess as it makes my heart bounce with joy. It's a dream that we live for and dreams nurture hope that is turned into reality.

 7. Romance is relatable as often rom-coms are set against college backdrop. Where the fuck do you expect romance to start? Sitting together in classroom, holding hands in college canteens, sweet innocent crushes, first kissing, watching movies together, hugging and innocent sms-es in the middle of the night.  It's all in the real. So what, newbie writers like me bullshit a lot but the premise is not entirely fancy. Rom-com brings you back to your bestest college days.

8. Romance is not dumb. The new-age authors range from journalists to tech geeks and finance people who write in the modern day. Chetan Bhagat was an investment banker before he turned to a full-fledged rom-com writer. Your audience can be anyone. I am an Economics graduate and yet I am a lover of rom-coms and who says love, romance and sex clash with markets and mixing of solutions H2O.

9. Most of the times, rom-coms comes across as the relationship guide handbook that add spice in our boring life. It teaches both men and women a lot on what to do and what not to in a romantic relationship as well how to make your relationship. For example, utterly boring men can take a leaf on how to treat their women with love and respect. Maschism and regressive behavior is passe and what matters is equality between men and women. You don't believe me, right?! Next time, when you stop at Crossword or Landmark as well as walking your way for dinner at night, just pick a rom-com on the street. There are plenty of them mushrooming.

10. Who says men don't like rom-coms or don't write romantic outing? I am the biggest example and fan of not only rom-coms that I constantly devour but munch on Cosmo Women and Femina. After all, we guys need to know what goes inside the brains of a woman..speak of women psychology.

I am writing a rom-coms based in Mumbai between love and romance between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. I rest my case and excited to join the rom-coms brigade.

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