Kiss of Death

It was his last day in the city. Hours before taking the train to a new city, he hopped in the bookshop to pick up some books in the hope to give him company during the 18-hours long journey. He picked up a book and started ready when someone touched him on the back. He turned around and was bedazzled by her beauty. She smiled at him and said in a kind way, "Hey, I also love this book." He was besotted by her and would not let her go away like this. They spoke about books, life in the city and rumors of ghosts.
"Do you believe in ghosts?"
"I dunno. But friends narrated stories to me."
"Perhaps, you should give a thought since there are things that are difficult to understand."
They walk hand-in-hands outside the bookshop and he invited her for a cup of coffee inside his apartment. She willfully agreed. After all, what's the harm of indulging in a sort of intimacy, both of them agreed.
He brought two cups of coffee on a tray as they sat down on the bed as their hands reached each other. The upper part of his lip gently brushes past her luscious lip as they smacked each other before going into full blow. Soon, their tongues were intertwined into each other as they indulged into a passionate smooch.
She soon disappeared out of thin air. When the owner came to take possession of the house the next day, he felt pang of frightening yell inside the house. He entered the room and found him inside the house. His body laid cold on the bed. There was no trace of blood or bruise as he smiled on the staircase of death.

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