Inside the glass-tinted cubicle

He stared at her in the cubicle as she fidgeted nervously with the papers on his table. She was wary of colleagues looking at her and peeping through the glass window. His eyes was on her black corporate suit and her legs.

"You looking hot  as always and I have eyes only for you," he teased.
She was aghast and confronted him, "What is this supposed to be?"
"Babe! It's a complement. chill out and accept graciously."
She shot back at him, "No. It's not and I am charming enough to accept a compliment from a gentleman, which you are not."
His face went blank and freezed.
"Listen, I am your boss and your promotion papers are in my hands."
"Fuck off, you bloody mother fucker and pig. Yesterday, during the presentation you stopped me to say I am beautiful and that too in front of everybody and the clients. Do you realize how humiliating it is?"
Trying to use his power, he said, "You don't have the right to speak like this to your senior and I am in a position to complain against you and call a meeting of directors where we will put you in front of a disciplinary committee."
He sported a wicked smile.
Regaining her composure, she grabbed the glass of water and gulped some. She threw the cold of water on his face and vented, "You know what? You are such a big asshole and a big time despo and are sexually frustrated. Give such compliments to your mom and sister. Waise bhi, I pity you for being such an incompetent moron and mediocre senior executive."
She handed her resignation letter and walked away.

PS: Picture credit: www.google.in. 
The picture is downloaded for representational purpose only. The characters in the story are fictional and do not resemble any human beings dead or alive.
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