Heaven Pleasures and Forbidden Desires

She dropped the towel enveloping her round body on the floor as she seductively tip-toes her way from the shower to the room. She twirls her lip as she took a chocolate bite that brushes her red lips with a naughty gaze and plays with her wet hair, running her finger down to her neck to arouse him. He was lying on the white bed sheet as she invites her to the bed.
She put her right leg on the bed, running her fingers gently on her red nail polish and seductively glanced at him. The naughty expression conveyed to him, "Come and get me baby. Let's rock the bed." She caresses her body, to and fro and ran her hands on her back and her legs. He lay still and frozen to death. Sensing his discomfort, she climbed on the bed and twirled her legs that pressed his stomach as he laid half-naked. Her legs wrapped on his waist and looked into his eyes, "What are you waiting for? I give myself to," as she bit his ears and stroked her tongue on his expressionless face.
He started kissing her on her neck as she bit on his back. He gently pulled off her bra as she pushed herself towards his body and slid her hand towards the zone surrounding his crotch. She moved her hand upwards and places her palm on his as they slink towards her boobs. She pressed his hand on her nipples and he sucked his way to heaven.

He gained momentum as she enjoyed the pleasure of his hand running on her leg. He thrust his way upwards as she yelled in pain and pleasure. He removed her underpants and slowly gets inside her. She shouted, "Ooh! Aah! This is so good. Get deeper inside me," feeling the pressure of his body on hers'. 
They lied together on the bed after the act, feeling a sense of sexual fulfillment and fatigue at the same. Her hunger is now satiated, she smiled and touched her body parts to revel in the sensation she experienced.
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