You Know You are a Mumbaikar when...

The most amazing city in the world Mumbai, it teaches you the survival instinct on day one itself and it doesn't matter  whether you are born in the city or move to chase your dreams one day. The day you step in Mumbai, you just become a true blue Mumbaikar and the city has this effect on you. Should you choose to live the city, you cannot flush Mumbai out of your soul and you become so attached that you are already conspiring to be back in the city. 
You know you are a true blue Mumbaikar when:  
1.  You dance proudly in the Monsoon and walk freely in the gusty winds and rains on Marine Drive

2. A true Mumbaikar jostle in and out of the jam-packed local shouting, kude chala kude chala as he or she pushes its way out of the train.

3. A true Mumbaikar travel by the local train everyday since he or she is aware that the locals are the life line in the city. Can we survive without local trains? But, hey..you must also travel in the yellow-black cab and of course, our Red iconic BEST Buses.

4. A proud Mumbaikar booze with equal ease at the western frequented Leopold and the sporty but sexy Sports Express Bar and Gokhul in Colaba with equal ease.

5. You cannot be a proud Mumbaikar if you haven't visited the iconic buildings of the Chattrapathi Shivaji Terminus which is commonly known as VT, travelled through Churchgate Station, walk past the Rajabhai Tower at Fort, sit at Marine Drive and/or sipped coffee at Barista or CCD at Bandra Bandstand.

6. You know you are a proud Mumbaikar when you have sipped a cutting chai and munched the mouth-watering Paani Puri and Vada Pav on the crowded streets.

7.  A true Mumbaikar must have never missed watching a masala Hindi movie in traditional theater to the likes of Eros, Liberty, New Excelsior and Regal, among others.

8. A true blue Mumbaikar cannot afford the dire necessity of hanging out at Gateway of India and sitting at the paraphet at Marine Drive enjoying the beautiful and sexy weather. Truly Mumbai.

9. You know you are a proud Mumbaikar when you have spotted celebrities, read filmstars of our famous film industry shooting on the double-decker bus, walking their way to Taj or trying to catch a glimpse of Amitabh Bachchan at Pratiksha or Jalsa-sadly I haven't, though I am a huge fan, or seeing Shah Rukh Khan at Mannat, Salman Khan at Galaxy appartment and Aishwarya Rai's residence at La Mer in Bandra.

10. You know you are a Mumbaikar when you have roamed freely throughout the night on the deserted streets of Mumbai and sloshed on bike with a friend, only to be chased down by mamas/pandus (cops) and danced freely on Ganesh Visarjan at Chowpathy beach and visiting ladies Bar.

Truly Mumbai, Mee Mumbaikar
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