As I Turn One Year Old (er)

The birthday came and went as it left many sweet-cum-wonderful memories along the way. It was a birthday to remember as I turned one year old (er) and it's been after aeons that June 24, Monday was such an enjoyable trip where I relished and enjoyed every second, minutes on the birthday. I feel like a one year old who is celebrating his first birth (day).
It's been longish time since I had so much fun for the birthday and the post header, As I Turn One Year Old (er) describe the budday celebration to the hilt. I woke up to a call from a good friend and former colleague at work, Sheetal, who was oblivious of the fact that I was born on this beautiful Monday. We caught up after a very long time and I told her bout my happy wala budday. What I got in return for the budday was something totally awesome and fab and I'm still relishing the amazing surprise for the day.
Google wished me many happy returns of the day:)

I mean, when I woke up, I had no idea that the budday will turn out to be totally awesome and will add zing to my entire existence. It was a day and budday to die for her. Sheetal, together with another friend, Suzanne, ordered a Brownie cake adorned with syrup and a cute-si candle. It simply made my along with the pics clicked from my HTC One X. It was totally awesome and I felt like a kid who was enjoying the day. A small act of kindness can spark thousand lights in a beautiful heart:)
It is not everyday that wonderful surprises spring its way in my life and it's after ages that my birthday was a memorable one and am eternally grateful to the wonderful gals. It was a b'day special treat and one should learn to be grateful to life and people. Life is a roller-coaster ride and brownie coated with syrup. The wonderful budday gently reminded me that we were born so as to make wonderful things happen and spread happiness around our existence as well as to enjoy and live every moment in life as if it's the last day on earth. Let's weave magic and make our life sugar coated with unblemished happiness and joy.
There were quite a few wishes on my facebook profile page and this time, I choose to innovate by tagging Mr and Miss everybody as a way of thanking them for remembering the birthday. Earlier, I used to make it a point to reply to every other person who wished me and this time, I tagged friends who wished me in order to spread happiness in their wondrous lives. On my other blog, somebody asked me, what are the plans for this year's celebration.
Well, we all abhor growing up in age and, as the header suggest, I prefer to call it the act of turning One year old (er) and I believe there is no point in  setting unachievable targets to be met during the year that will soon elapse. I have decided to go with the flow in life and let myself be guided and carried away with things that shall unfurl itself. This is the beauty of life. Having said that, there are certain achievable targets like I am planning to either move to Dubai and/or relocate to either Mumbai or Delhi to pursue my career in journalism. Fair na? For a birthday wish and I am confident that it will happen slowly but swiftly. Of course, making a difference into people's lives and the budday was also a day to spare a thought to the victims of the Uttarakhand flood and may God give the afflicted persons strength to overcome their difficulties.
Till then, ta-ta and have lotsa fun. By the way, Dad budday coming in two hours and thirty minutes and wish that the jolly fellow is very happy.
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