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The Guitarist and the Muse

He strummed his guitar on the busy streets in the fast-paced moving city. The on-lookers are always fascinated by his long hair and weird looking salt-and-peppy beard as they stopped not to listen to the guitar but to gush at his facial expression. He thought of himself as star and crowd puller who are swayed by his music. During the night, he composed a new song, 'Music to the ears. Come people and let's jam.' In the early morning, he drove to the busy city junction and start singing loudly as the crowd jeered at first but slowly waned away in horde. He started singing louder, engulfed by the passion and he felt a touch on his back. He was stopped in his track and was enraged to see two khaki-clad cops. "Sir, your game is over. Only, two dogs are watching you and we invite to sing for us in the police station. The busy street is suffering from noise pollution as the sky-rocketed flats are shaken by your thunder." He looked around at the deserted street. As he is escorted in the police van, an old man shouts from the window of his house, "Take this asshole away as he disturbs my sleep everyday. Guys, make sure that he entertains your boring police station forever and ever."
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