Lost and Found

She was haggling with the shop owner over a pair of shoes for her three-year-old song. "You people are looting customers in Mumbai. I will not pay you 1000 bucks for this pair of shoes and I cannot shed out more than 600 rupees."
Standing outside the entrance of the shop, he was smoking a cigarette and overheard the voice of a familiar women haggling inside the shop. He racked his brain, trying to think where he heard this voice who has the habit of stomping her foot and arguing with people. As he turned to cast a glance, he received a blot from the blue. "It was her. Oh! God! I am seeing her after six years and we broke up in the same city. She has a son," he was crest fallen.
He turned his gaze and walked away as fast as he could for fear of being recognized by her. He didn't want her to see him and come up to him to say hi. He disappeared among the crowd at Crawford Market.

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