Wheel of time

Like rotating change and the tide of the wind,
life speeds at 360 degrees.
The wheel of time is not static but ever changing.
Sometimes we lose track as we are carried by the undercurrent of change,
incurring its wrath.
Coming to terms with change and coping with the wheel of time,
we are caught in the storm.
The real self takes a beating and frustration over powers the soul.
Our body and mind loses its sense of balance and gnawed by weakness.
Jolted by electric sensation and the body is crumpled to suddenly growing old,
the mind hovers to the sensational past and the now where the light has faded.
It sends depressing feeling to the mind where happiness is lost in translation.
The urge to fight the battle has waned.
Sometimes, we must stop for a while to let feeling of pessimism to sink in.
Rekindle the urge to fight the inner demons and start everything from Zero.
It's the changing tide and wheel of time at storming speed.
Never battle against the crushing force for it may exterminate us.
Conquer its speed with a calm mind and let the force wreak havoc.
There will come a time when its mighty force will emasculate.
Like a smart warrior, play the cards wisely and attack to conquer the dreaded enemy.
Mount like a victor on the wheel of time.

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