A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of love (3)

Chapter 3:

The door creaked open. Siddharth and Shefali were oblivious of the preening eyes, engulfed in a passionate kiss. Siddharth pulled off her white blouse and Shefali run her fingers on his hairy chest. Both of them were semi-naked, Shefali sat on the kitchen table and Siddharth was holding her naked waist.
A screeching female voice blew their ears and a violent fist banged on the table. It was Anand.
Both lovers were shaken and they were hit by fear paralysis. Before they could recollect themselves, they were aware of the sandstorm that is going to rock their lives. Anand and Siddharth parents nearly fainted and their mother was in tears. "What a shame," she cried. The father looked away, spoke loudly, "It's a shame and I cannot even dare to look at both of you. Anand slapped Shefali hard, "You woman of loose character, bloody slut, getting fucked by your brother-in-law." The slap resonated so loud in the kitchen and as Anand tried to raise his hands a second time, he was stopped by his younger brother.
"Bhaiya, I respect you. The next time, you try to hit her, I won't hesitate a second to forget that you are my blood," the younger one said, clenching Anand's fist.
Anand was too shocked to react and nearly collapsed. Their mother gasped, "Siddharth." She indulged in drama which she borrowed from serials, "What spell this whore has cast on you? Both of you have violated all social limits, a sister-in-law sleeping with brother-in-law. Both of you should be ashamed."
Siddharth held Shefali hands and before walking away, he turned towards his parents and brother, "It is a fact that we love each other. Shefali has gone through a lot in life and she has always sacrificed her happiness for her parents and Anand. Anand walked towards them and grabbed Shefali's hands, "I am not going to let her leave this house."
Siddharth menacingly pointed his hand towards Anand, "Bhaiya!! I am warning of you. Let go of her."
Anand grew violent and shouted in frustration, "Siddharth, you are just a kid. Get off me and don't interfere between husband and wife." Anand was hurting Shefali and Siddharth calmly walked towards his elder brother and punched him hard on his face. Anand yelled in pain and collapsed on the floor.
Both lovers walked away from the house. Anand parents were too stunned to react.

Shefali fought her parents on phone, yelled her lungs out and placated them not to interfere in her life. The drama reminded Shefali of soap opera and she blew her top on her parents, "There is no point for any family reunion with Anand's family, you guys and us. Maa!! Do me a favor and stop speaking about being dutiful or loose morals. Don't get me started on the whole thing. Both Dad and you are the biggest hypocrites. You are telling me how I've failed you and I have loose morals. Let me tell you that I have sacrificed my happiness for your so-called family honor when Nita eloped."
Her mother was at a loss of words and any attempt to make her daughter see reason failed. Her Dad grabbed the phone, "Shefali!! I am warning you for the last time. If you don't go back to Anand and your in-laws, you are dead for us."
Shefali retorted, "At least, it's better to be in a dead relationship than living a life filled with filth and lies. Thank you for reminding me that your pride, ego and society's hypocrisy matters most to you than your daughter's happiness. You always wanted a hypocrite like Anand, a dutiful son, a Mama's boy and Oh! the great sacrifice, taking the moral high ground."
She yelled, "Why can't you guys understand that I never had any relationship with Anand? It's a dead life and full of lies we've lived for all these years. After all, I will not sacrifice my happiness for anything in this world. To hell with your traditions. Fine, if I am dead for you guys. I am not going to go back to the house where I have to speak to the wall and be non-existent to the man who see nothing in me. I was an object, his arm candy to show the world."
She banged the phone. Siddharth walked in, "I spoke to Mom and Dad. They are not seeing reason and what matters to them is their ego. By the way, I overheard your conversation with your parents. There is no point, going to meet them since they are blinded by their beliefs."
Shefali faked anger, "How can you overhear someone's conversation?"
He teased her, "Not someone, my better half and soul mate."
Shefali broke in a laughter and Siddharh bend on his knees, held a turquoise ring, "Shefali!! Will you be mine forever?"
She was in tears, "I am and will always be yours."
Siddharth threw two air tickets on her face and she stammered, "Oh! My God!! G-o-a!! When!!"
He smiled, "Now! In two hours, we are taking the flight. We got no time coz tomorrow is Valentine and we gonna get married on our own, minus a priest."
They kissed, tasted every inch of each other's lips, the mouths stuck like glue. They couldn't believe what was happening and closed their eyes.

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