A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of Love (1)

Valentine Day is round the corner. I am coming up with a novella and today I write the first chapter exclusively for V Day. Read on:

A Valentine Love Story: A bride in search of Love (1)

The coy bride, slowly walked inside the room, decorated with flowers and spread her body on the bed facing the door. OM was sprinkled with red roses and genda on the door. She silently lay on the nuptial bed where her world turned upside down in 24 hours, sacrificing her happiness for the stranger, with whom she took the vows of marriage.
Dry tears rolled on her cheek. She is persuaded that love is an alien feeling that has run away from her existence. How she wished the light were turned off? She longed for darkness and silence where she will be one with her identity which no man can dare touch.
The groom, decked in crimson Sherwani, wearing gold bangles walked to her. He gave her a sympathetic look, his eyes and lips, conveyed gratitude and thank you. After all, she saved his honor. He gentle touched her face with make up, caressed her lips and his teeth moved up the string on her Jodhpuri red saree, untied her blouse. Slowly, he removed the gold bangles and necklace. The groom hesitantly kissed her on the lips, ran his hand down from top to bottom, caressed her belly and moved his mouth on her nipple.She didn't react but breathed in pain and agony.
He opened her tiny legs, before he entered her. She yelled in pain and not one tear dropped from her eyes. He pulled his trousers and dropped dead on the bed. She moved out of the bed and sat throughout the night on the sofa.She felt the huge body entering not only inside her but pushed through her soul, without permission.

Three Years Later:

Shefali led a dark existence, often speaking to the wall in the house when Anand would leave for work. Her husband never communicated to her and sharing few light moments was a luxury that she couldn't afford. The silence killed her. How she longed for him to make love to her, surprising with flower and looking intensely at her face. The only time that Anand and Shefali would converge was during the night when the latter would occasionally hold her, entering inside her body. She thought, 'Though Anand never forced himself on me nor ill treats me, he never asked my permission for sex. I was his legitimate fuck.' There were times when she wanted to kill herself but that would be the easiest route to escape life.
She felt a gush of freedom when Anand told her that he is being transferred to United States for work. Her parents-in-law who are still traditional, living in a different city, pressed on their younger son, Siddharth studying in the same city like Shefali to survey his 'Bhabhi' moves and inform of any wrong doing. Siddharth would pop on and off every week, striking innocent conversation with Shefali Bhabhi. Soon, they became friends. Shefali found him to be sensitive, miles apart from his elder brother. The five-year-gap between Shefali and Siddharth didn't deter their friendship from blooming. They discussed Siddharth's ex-girl friends, studies, naughty childhood days and Shefali opened about her past life. Laughing together about life.
"Do you need to call me 'Bhabhi' always?" Shefali asks.
"Honestly, I feel like calling you Shefali only. We are friends and would be lying if I say that there should be any formality between us. Shefali, you are the friend that I never had. His finger approached hers' and at first, she moved her hands away, before leaning closer to him. She held his hands. They were not in control of their feeling and no power could stop the attraction between them, breaking all convention-cum-moral barriers.
"You never told me about life in college. Any special guy that was part of your life?"
She smiles coyly, "Of course, there were before I got married. I wanted to become a model and still have the sexy black skirt I bought for the fashion show. It was stupid of me to buy the dress. I never had the guts to participate in the show because I was scared."
He naughtily asks, "I want to see you in the dress."
Shefali resists but after the insistence of Siddharth, she relents. "On one condition, you will never tell anyone about it."
He promises not to let anyone know. Minutes later, Shefali walks out of the room to dazzle in the short skirt. Siddharth intensely looks into her eyes, as she approaches towards him. She longs for love as she caressed his cheek, seductively raising her leg towards his face. Shefali walks towards the sofa as Siddharth gently kiss her lips, removing the skirt, caressing her hand and legs, kissing her belly. She wilfully opens her legs and he enters her. Shefali moans in pleasure and felt for the first time that her crave for love and pleasure is being fulfilled. Her heart was singing the song of love and thought, "So, what he is the brother of Anand? I sacrificed my life for him and what I've got out of it. I screwed my life. To hell with society."
As they lay on bed, Shefali asks, "Do you love me, Siddharth?"
He turns towards him, "You are the one that matters the most to me. I will pull all strings to give you love and don't want to see a tear in your eyes. I know, it's the most difficult journey for us. But, we shall arrive, even if it means fighting my parents. I wanted to ask: How did you agree to marry 'Bhaiya and I mean couldn't you say no if you never loved him."
Shefali angrily jumps out of the bed, "We promised not to talk about it."
He held her hands, "If we never speak about it, I would never know. Shefali! I need you support and without you, we can never fight society. Let's be truthful to self and rather than living a life of lie.
They sat in the kitchen as Siddharth made two cups of steaming hot coffee. She narrates the story that changed her life.
I saw Anand for the first time when he came home to meet Dad who was his teacher. Dad always wanted Anand as his son-in-law, morally right and religious. He saw in him the ideal son he never had. I was dating someone in college. There was nothing serious just the thrill of adventure, kissing, making out and running away to Goa. We lived in the moment. One day, Dad came home with ladoos to announce the wedding of my elder sister, Nita, who resisted the marriage at first since there was someone in her life. Finally, after threats from parents, Nita agreed for the marriage. It was the day when my life changed.


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