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Hola!!!! What's a blog post without a bit of spicy masala on my life? Here it is what I've been doing till now..what makes me click and here I am opening my window of life, dearies..oh! adept and followers of Bill Gates.
Since one week, I got a new job..No I haven't shifted place,baby. I spent my free time downloading songs from PK. Last time, my PC crashed-not piggy chops..As if my comp, I obsessed with retrieving everything. It takes a hell lotsa time. Today, more than 80 per cent of my songs been retrieved. The shit with download is that as you download something, some extra pop in and you go for it. Just imagine downloading 10 music albums in a day. Five hours of download. The world is music. It took the whole of my off days and yeah, it can indeed be told that..that..I am doing a new job. Perhaps, I have a hidden talent as DJ!!!My new musical job. Talent at it's creative best. Been enjoying dat and did it with aplomb. I face regular crash and gotta save all stuffs on ma USB. I am saving some stuffs now before it goes Gaga. Yeah, i downloaded Judas, Paparazzi, Bad Romance and Judas and some Lady Gaga's creative best. I'm hooked to Gaga to say the least. I know some of my elder relatives and friends are horrified that the lady found a special place in ma heart. Who cares!!!! I ain't taking a chance from ma music..Lost everything twice and my script. Wrote a good 2000 words for a short film which I intend to shoot and lost everything. Now, how on earth I'm gonna start all over. I'm just wondering!!!Shit happens. Anyways, need to start with something.
Well, that's my feat! Pardon, musical feat. Job wise, been active on the front with reporting stuffs though this week the laziness bug hit me. There are lotsa hard work on the plate and a long way to travel. Been very busy this week. I finally opened a new account with HSBC. Excellent customer service and one would not be wrong to say that it's the bank of the future. My personal banker, Preeti is  a sharp and damn professional lady and credit goes to me that I made her lol. Confession: I asked some stupid question about the bank. Tomorrow, gotta go and give some papers-salary pledge, loan documents and company's background information. The best thing is that I opened an account without giving adress proof and putting money. In fact, I forgot bout it and she opened the account. Tomorrow is the when I gotta submit those things. This is professionalism with a difference. Who says that professionalism cannot exist without the human touch. Now, I have 3 ATM cards-Baroda, State Bank of India (SBI) and now HongKong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC). How cool is dat!!!! Woohoo!!! Nopes, that dooesn't make em a rich man still.

It's just a matter of 2 months or so when i shall board the plane and embark on ma well deserved 20 days holidaying. Worked for one and a half years, slogging my ass and what better thing to do than wake up on a sunny morning in Goa. I might sneak in Delhi for three days trip before getting back to work. Shopping is on the cards. Me shall shop till I drop!! I'm gonna splurge. By the way, planning for a new Dell lap-top. It will be my first lap top and core i 5 is costing 38 k. I only pray and hope that for the new year, there shall be heavy discount. Wishful thinking!!!
Signing on this note. Have fun.
Njoy the post.

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