Happy Diwali

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Happy Diwali. The festival of light is here and wishing all you folks and family wala a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May the light always shine in your life and brighten your big heart. Diwali is and will always be one of my favorite festival. 
The day when lunch and dinner is forgotten or skipped. Why not? Sweet is the way to go. Diwali is the best celebrated in the North but Maharashtra is not far from behind as you venture in the Peth area, you are bombarded with fireworks and crackers. One feel to be in the border as street urchins sell us flowers and crackers. If you are not careful, your bike may bump on someone. It is the day where I try not to drive in Pune as there are crackers everywhere and don't want to slip and suffer from injury. That's the fun. A variety of sweets on the day as the shops make a killing as stocks soar.
This Diwali I gonna watch Ra One as I have to give a review on the latest SRK movie. Hmm! The invitation can be considered to be a Diwali gift and post that the tedious task of penning the review. It's been long but enjoy doing that. Unfortunately, this time on Diwali I will be in the office. It reminds me that tomorrow morning I have to go to some sweet shop as we will be carrying a story on Diwali and get my name on the feature list. So not bad for Diwali as I can get my name for 2 stories, one for Diwali sweets and on Ra One. Can't be sweeter than that.
I'm dead tired right now. Really wanna make it long but the body is not making any leeway for that. Shall leave you with a beautiful, googled Diwali picture.
Happy Diwali.
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