Mixed Doubles

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Meet our officiating Pandit..I mean Ghar Ka Pandit..Oops! Sorrry! Mom's Ghar Ka Pandit. He's an okay guy but, but said something which makes me reflect on Mixed Doubles..oops..Double Standards of religious men. It makes me reflect on our lame society and the in-built attributes we are not ready to part with.
He came home on last Sunday to perform some rites for our ancestors who died. He gave us an invitation card for the wedding of his Sapoot, Gaurav.During the conversation, he said something that could have made me spark a fire within. I was incensed. But, I simply ignored it as it is he was already having a hard time at my hands. Hua kya! i was quizzing him on the religious matters and aram se he departed from my wise questions and skipped it to give some half-baked answers. His to-be Bahu Rani will be made to leave her education post-shaadi. reason: In our family, the bahu never goes to work and must stay at home as if very domesticated. Well, it suit them. My Gaurav is very traditional, he uttered with utmost pride.
Hello, dude! In which world you are living in? Are you sure that you are in 2011? Make sure that you narrate your story to Vipul Shah and Akshay Kumar, they can make Action Replay 2. I mean it's so shocking. Just look at the double standard. Our Dear man you perform prayers in several households and narrate the essence of moral duty, ethics and being a good human being how can you be such a proud hypocrite. In a time where girls are on a equal footing as man, you are clamouring for discrimination in such a fashion. Hell! Where are the parents? And the girl she agreed to such a match? And she lives in the real world? It's not that she will not get any guy and I'm quite surprised that she decided to stop her education. Education is our passport to life and achievements. Or is it that she is so obsessed with marriage..like Kareena in Jab we Met..Bachpan se na mujhe shaadi Karne ki Bahut Shaukh hai..Must be!
Thanx God! Momma said that she could not agree to such a match had she been in the place of the girl. Frankly, I pity the girl. These people belong to the maschism of our present century who believes that a woman place is in the kitchen and is way inferior to man.I mean it's so fucking weird how some people blinded by religion and faith can behave sometimes. It's a sin to make someone leave his or her education and I think the Government must bring a law and impose fine on such weirdos. On top of that, the girl is better educated than the boy. Such kinda things never cease to amaze me.
Coming back to the Pandit, he was trying to coax me that I should get married. But, I told him that I don't believe in Shaadi and believe in living together. He sported a horrified smile. Arre! Bhagwan! Kaisa Zamaana aaya..I was insolent. I know but it's my way of protesting. Like a maniac he persists and told me one day you are going to come and tell me to officiate your marriage. My ass!
His character reminds me of Ranvir Shorey who staged the wife swapping thing, Whn he didn't fuck Rajat wife and his Konkona got laid in the movie, he got furious. Hello! Dude! Whose idea it was? How can we be such bloody hypocrites? On one hand, we teach moral values but when it comes to our own life, we go the traditional and 50s way. Well, to each it's own.
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