Skipping Condom

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"It's not the first time we were doing that so just ask him dude." Sneha walks in the chemist store as customers looks at her in sheer shock.
She retorted, "Why are you guys shocked? He's Deepak and he's my boyfriend and I dunno why he's hesitating to buy a pack of condom."
Finally she said, "Uncle just give us a pack of strawberry flavoured condom." The man on the counter said, "Rs 25 and put the pack on the counter table, happy to get rid of the insolent girl and her boyfriend. As they walked out, an elderly couple said, "Kya Zamana agaya..Unki umar to dekho not even 20, How it was different it was at our time."
She looked back at them, "What uncle, aunty? You guys never got laid in your time for the heck of it. By the way we are just 20 and love doing it. And we are not hypocrites. Have a gud day and re-kindle your sex life." The middle aged couple were crest fallen and the mouth of the lady was left open for a giid 30 seconds as a result of shock.
At the dining table, Sneha and Deepak broke into a mad, riotous laugh. Sneha tickled Deepak, "Dude, where is my Rs 500?"
He retorted, "Acha Baba, mann gayee..Girl you have guts and how you made a fool of these people and they must be cursing us and what earful you gave this poor lady. Have you seen how her mouth was left open.
Sneha lit a cigarette and smiled, "Just imagine her mouth remained like that forever due to shock?"
"Sneha stop being mean.We need to plan out who to fool next time. Let's search for our next victim or victims."
She looked at him palyfully, "Bastard, now it's your turn."
Shee opened the double- packed condom pack with her teeth and put one on his pocket and gently slipped the other piece of balloon in her handbag.
"Now I'm off. Sid is coming from Delhi and it's been painful not to have sex. I'm getting desperate." She said that as she took a Rs 500 note from Deepak.
He runs after her, "Hell, bitch!I have only Rs 50. My money yaar!!"
She laughs in a manic way and says, "Your Nihaarika is coming. What do you need money, dude? Just enjoy the fuck. You have cigarettes as aphrodisiac post sex."
She disappeared.
Very few know that Deepak and Sneha are siblings. They are more buddies and they constantly search for victims and provoke an act. Many thought that they are lovers and carry on the pretense only to turn the joke on the others.

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