Loved..Lost..No regrets

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Can we love,lose that someone and feel no regret all? You've loved, thinking she's the one and that you wouldn't surviving without her. She's your world and doomsday strikes. All of a sudden, differences crops in and the relationship turns sour. Time for break up. It's always very painful and takes hellish time to get out of it. I took one year and perhaps more to get out of my earlier relationship. I couldn't come to terms with it. In plainish term, I wasn't ready to accept that the relationship was over. What followed was the frantic blank calls or un returned smses..I just wanna know what went wrong and how was I to blame in the relationship? Mine was a complex story and I was ever ready to leave everything for her. But, it just din't work out the way we wanted to..
Relationships are so complex as friends comfort us..U shall overcome it. Indeed. Now the simple question is: Why that person who meant the world to you no longer makes any difference to your life? Why her name doesn't evoke anything. Yet, you were ready to fight the world to be together and the till death do us apart thing? Were there any regrets? The fights, the blame game-I'm happy I din't indulged into this one.
I fail to understand as how her name doesn't evoke anything now. Does this mean that I have moved on to better things in life. Frankly, I don't know..I really don't know. It doesn't mean that I didn't cherish the wonderful moments spent together and the first time we crossed each other or the first date. Far from that, I cherish each and every moment of us being together. I smile when thinking of these moments. Just the other day, I was going through her pics and looking at my personal diaries on the dates we met. But, honestly speaking, it was just that and nothing more. By the way, I am planning to write a novel on our moments spent together. I dunno know why I am planning for a book on our aha moments and our break up. Of course, some events will be altered and names changed. But, but, question marks and better it is left unanswered!!
Na woh bewafaa thi Na hum bewafaa tha..kya karein  hamari kismat judaa thi!!
Does it ring a bell in your ears? have you come across such a thing? Was it a learning experience and education on the essence of a relationship? Normally, I try seeking out answers and explaining what went wrong and the after math of a break up? Only, difference is that now I am trying to understand several things of what it was before and now why it doesn't make any difference. Perhaps, the person brought some changes and positive energy in our life and has gone to light a candle in another person's life. Is it the law of nature? Is there any answer to life, love and break up?
Questions sought and answers needed. As human we cling to each other and we are the biggest clingers. After all, we are human beings and all of a sudden we detach ourselves from our previous moments of life. No we don't do it with intention or motive so as not to suffer. It becomes a natural thing.

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