Main Hoon Na

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The oft-repated, comforted phrase, Main Hoon Na, I will always be there for you. We always say it to a pal on phone, chat and sms. Hey, call me if you need anything. Does it sound a bell? It's the empty promises. kiddy stuffs that we make and yet we keep our promises. Oh! God! Am I getting delusional. Time for someone who will chide us, what happened last time when he or she promised you with the comforting, Main Hoon na ya Apun hai na,load mat le.
I don't think that many of us really keep up with their promise of always being there for us. It's worse than the simple I love You or I will always love you, no matter what. Equations change, situations alter as we make new chemistry and our bond changes from friend X to Y and Z. Our best friend is replaced by a new best friend who rules the heart.
Our 4 a.m friend becomes the complete stranger, Anjaana ya Anjaani oh yea yea yea..Well, that's life isn't it? This is the problem with our generation. We end up making promises that we cannot keep. What happened to this friendship. It has gone to dust. There are so many keep promises and the lamest excuses, Dude you need to move on in life or adapt to new friends in an altogether new environment and new people waiting to embrace you. I have my own priorities in life.
On that matter, I am very traditional. If I promised to someone, Main Hoon Na, I will always be there for you, I stick to my principles. I try my best to stand up for that person and be there when the person needs me. A friend will always be one.

"True Friendship withstand the test of time."
If you cannot make a promise, then don't do it. It's as simple as it gets. I don't hold a dagger to your throat and make you promise those meaningful words. Coz when you make a promise, I build a certain degree of expectations and when I need you as a friend, I expect that you will stand by me coz you are my friend not some other by-passers which I happen to cross path with everyday by exchange a Hi or What's up. I believe that in a friendship there should be mutual respect, understanding and people involved in the relationship should always be there for each other. Of course, we all have our own priorities with studies, career, family and  boy friend or girlfriend. There are other people in our relationship that counts. So is our personal space which should be respected coz at some point in life we must be alone and our own. Personal space in a friendship should not only be understood but treated with respect. Respect my space and your space is the first step towards the solid foundation for friendship.

But, if I promising something to you, my mind will not get twisted and when you are afflicted by the downslide and sorrow, I will not run away from you only to come back when everything is hunky-dory. If I do that, I do not deserve to be your friend at all. When your boyfriend or girl ditched you, I will be here coz you need to shoulder to cry. I will not here to preach and tell you where you were wrong and your ex is not ass or sleeps around. As you friend, I will only listen and try to understand. Criticisms, if any I shall it for a later time as I believe as a friend I have the right to tell you as a friend. But, not before listening to your own perspective The genuine friends are the ones who do not judge nor they do get influence by outsiders to condemn you or worse break a friendship.
As I reflect on the simple yet powerful words we constantly use as we hug our friends, I wonder whether years down the life whether we will really live up to them. The sad part is the way we utter these words as if we are saying good morning and having a cup of chai. Well, if we believe in friendship we should make an effort to mean what we say: Main Hoon Na..Bane chahe Dushman Zamana, Salamaat Rahee Dostana Hamara.
You think it's filmy?
I don't
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