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11 dies in bomb blast in Delhi..Delhi court blast:11 blast, 74 injured.

Black Wednesday: 11 killed, 76 injured as terror returns to Delhi

A policeman carries a wounded blast victim at the RML Hospital in New Delhi following a bomb blast......
At least 11 people were killed and 76 injured, when a powerful bomb exploded at a crowded gate of Delhi High Court this morning. About 2 kg of explosives were used in the blast according to the Home Ministry. Meanwhile, the Centre and Delhi government have announced a compensation of Rs 4 lakh and Rs 2 lakh respectively to the next of the kin of those killed in the blast.

Here's a look at one of the headline in answer to today's blast. Then comes the real natak..the usual bhashan of netas and TV will follow suit with their stupid debate..Can India win over terror?  For starters, I am tired with this crap of responding to such gimmicks on the web page of the likes of Mid Day and TOI or NDTV. I ain't gonna vote and tell. Today, I was sad for the blast victims and that's it. I chose not to give any importance to the blast. Better ignore it. It's pointless to sit and work on solutions. Nothing gonna change as a result of the lack of goodwill. The PM can talk, so can amul baby face, Rahul..Yet, nothing will be done. The best thing to do is to carry on with our respective lives. In the name of TRP, the media is giving too much importance to terrorists. This is what they want: Coverage and hit the hardest and what better partner: The Indian media is always up for grabs. As the above picture suggest: Take us along, baby and let shamelessly put the picture of an innocent life.
Now the reason I've put the picture taken from HT is to show the insensitivity on the part of the media. It's my way to show and let know how I condemn usage of such pictures to boost TRP.
Case closed: No more argument on the subject. Let's not attach importance to it and get on with our life
Moving on to better things or stuffs in life. I just finished reading Times Traveller's Wife. A book of absolute beauty which I rounded in less than 10 days. So far so great. I got another one, The Joy and Sorrows at Work. As a colleague pointed out the other day, at we only have sorrows, sorrows and sorrowly. Interesting point but highly debated though. After I round up with Joy and Sorrows at work, me shall put a brand new post inspired by the book and my life on the matter.
It happened last Sunday. I woke up aaram se at 10. Read some stuffs and there were plans to read some books, watch some DVD movies and what else, starting a short story or better still work on my script. I received a call from a senior editor at office. Apparently, there was a crunch of staff and if I can fill in. I was silent for a few seconds, weighed the pros and cons. Adhered to that though reached office one and  a half hour late. Then, one realizes that it's part of the job. Can it be termed as sorrow? I think yea but it's how we frame our state of mind. But, but I've been rewarded by getting 3 consecutive offs..How? On Saturday everyone is off, my sunday off fall on that day and the off was restored on Monday. So enough to laze around, read, write, blog and sleep. Well, that's definitely the happy part of being at work. One thing for sure: This was appreciated and it means a lot for an employee.
Finally I will be able to get two week or perhaps few days more towards December so that I can enjoy my holiday. I badly need a break. I conveyed my wish to boss and I just wanna write an aplication and what follows shall be the negotiation. I can't wait to picture myself on the beach in Goa and really looking forward to visit amchi Pumbaikar( I am one..my love is torn between both cities..well..no clue..take a guess). Looking forward to meet old friends, make new ones and let loose.
Guess me gonna catch a movie on DvD in some time. Tomorrow I shall wake up early and attend duty..Time to make some contacts as I am venturing into reporting job. I believe that someone can be a reporter with responsibilty and don't bring news at the cost of human lives or invent lives. We belong to the new generation and together we can and shall make a difference.
1) Never do something out of obligation-be it reading, boozing, dating or writing. Just let yourself be.

2) Never shy away from finding love

3) Make love not war

4) Kiss and make love with passion.

5) Don't get carried away and indulge in silly bantering.

6)Just be.

Be creative




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