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We are living in a time where our sexual desires are repressed. Let’s face: We are sexually frustrated and our free flow of thinking process has become judgmental as a result of moral and religious influence. We have become hypocrites as we lead a life based on mistrust, prejudice and of course our male egos and superegos. Freud would die of a heart attack had he been alive.
It’s a sham. I am a man and I’m the first to admit how we snigger at a woman wearing short skirt, bare back and showing her cleavage. Yet, we voice against it in front of everyone showing how morally right we are. But, that doesn’t stop us from passing snide and leering remarks in private. We literally rape the women in our minds as we enjoy a libido.
A woman has the right to wear any form of clothes she chose to wear before venturing outside. As a civilized and democracy we must ensure that we protect and uphold the right to life and the dignity of a human being. Freewill is opposed to coercion where we are imposing a set of dress code and moral more to impede a person’s freedom.
None of the clothes wore by a woman should justify physical, emotional or psychological violence.
For starters I am referred to the slut walk that took place in Toronto when a cop asked women to avoid dressing like sluts to avoid physical violence. It’s our own Besharmi Morcha which took place on the streets of Delhi. The walk addresses several issues to the way a woman is dressed, her perception in the corporate board room. There are cases when a fully-clad woman have been subjected to sexual violence. The thoughts of the cop exist in many societies including India where a woman dressed in short skirt is viewed as an easy-lay. I find it revolting and disgusting as my own kin-read it aloud MEN indulges in such kind of behaviour and mindset.
The attitude must stop. I support the Besharmi Morcha and irrespective of its outcome, it has sparked a debate. Why just Delhi? Cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Nagpur, Punjab should come forward. Words like Slut Walk or Besharmi Morcha are just names and could have easily been termed the uprising of the fairer sex or revolution. It makes sense for such walks as cities like Delhi and Mumbai witnessed a surge of sexual violence against women. Remember on new year eve, a woman accompanied by a male companion was molested at the Gateway of India.
I am conscious that everyone supporting the cause will be subject to derision of the part of extremist political, social and feminist groups. We are not here to ply to their set of acceptable standards of behaviour. It is not just a walk but a cause for a better society. We belong to the young generation and in today’s times when a woman rules in the board of directors of Pepsico we cannot afford to be ruled by sexist attitudes or male sexual domination. It is a time to act as it is our lives. It belongs to us and not to some so-called predators. Who gave the right to put a judgment and the right to rape and kill?
Who gives me the right to call someone a ‘randi’? What is a randi? I am a male. I can be randi as well. I may well sell my soul for money like many CEOs or politicians do.
It’s sad how we men tend to look at women and we are only too happy not to remove our tinted glassed. It suits us and our interests. It boost our dominance and sexual ego. Perching on a high position, the tinted glasses gives me the right to force myself sexually on a women in exchange for promotion, both from a physical and psychological point of view? Who gives me the right to do so and brandish someone showing her breast that she is willing around with everyone?
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