Gotcha a plan at 1 a.m

"Gotta a plan. Let's do something crazy," Ankit raise his glass in the wee hours of the morning as all the boys gasp at him in horror.
They are all wondering what crazy antics he has in mind as they are sitting in the restaurant past its operating hours. They are all sloshed and it's past midnight. Four of them, Kakodkar, Bee, Ankit and Siby had to perform some magic on the hotel manager and coaxed him to close the main gate of the hotel and as soon as they are done, they will take a swoosh exit towards backdoor.
"Fuck! What's in your mind, dude. It's already Sunday, bhenchod....and it's cold like hell. Should I put radio mirchi to tell you that winter has crept in India," Bee is flabbergasted and utters the litany while he rolls a joint for everybody. Kakodkar and Siby are happily enjoying their old monk rum and licking on the tandoori chicken, oblivious of Bee's objection on Ankit newly found enlightment.
"Chup..chup..listen dude..lemme check wid ma chick..we can go at MG road. There is this nice disco TDS," Ankit persists.
"Screwed!!!!!You wanna party in some fucked up, crowded disco at dis tym. I mean look at us, we are fucked up. We are sloshed and stoned, man!!!!!!," Bee exclaimed. Kakodkar and Siby try to reason with Bee, "Dude, chill!! Neways, we're not going to some disco. Better, order some more alcohol."
"Abe chal na," Ankit get set not before adding, "If you guys not gonna come, I am going alone,"
Siby stops him, "Fuck dude. Wait. lemme make a joint. Arre, baith na five minutes ke liye."
Bee and Kadodkar pulls Ankit towards the chair as a joint is rolled. Siby prods Ankit, "Abe tu kya karna chahta hai..bol mere bhai,le abhi joint marna."
Looking at Ankit's over hyped state of mind, they all decided to give a try, oblivious of the fact of what shall await of them as they jeer towards Ankit's red maruti car. Siby plunges the wheel as Ankit is too drunk and smashed to drive in the darkness at Shivaji Nagar. "Abe!Lundh kahan jaana hai..bol jaldi se," Siby yells.
Ankit pat him on the back,"Dude, takes a right towards Symbiosis college near the pahar (hill) and then you gotta take a right towards Rajmata cafetaria."
Siby looks at him in disbelief, "Pata nahin kya karna chahta hai...."
Bee lights a cigarette and gives one to Kakodkar. "Abe! chalna yaar. wahan jaa ke dekhenge (we will see when we reach there," Kadodkar says.
Bee claps his hands, "Abe sahi hai yaar! Fuck Kakodkar..Bhenchod, you should become a neta..policos  speak like that when they are dogged by the media."
Siby shuts Bee, "Arre! Bee saale! Why you studying film-making, go and do Ph.d bhenchod. Why do you use hardcore words, dude."
Ankit supports Siby, "Arre yaar!For fuck sake...the words Bee use na..I have an impression of watching a porn movie but which is beyond my comprehension....tu to saale khud confuse hai..I'm sure that you don't know the meaning of dogged..waise bhi! Why are you after dogs like that?"
The car slows towards a bungalow which has been pointed out by Ankit.
As they slink their way out of the car, Ankit heads towards the security guard who was caught off guard in his sleep. "Abe! What are you doing," he shouted at the security man. He rams him, "Are you paid to sleep like that? This is the house of Mrs Deshpande, right? Now, give me the keys and make sure that nobody enters the premises and make sure you don't sleep again," he rebukes.
As they makes their way to the stairs, the three of them are bemused what Ankit was up-to and whispers, "What he is really doing and whose house is that" as they reach towards the balcony.
Bee stupidly attempt to explain, "I t-h-i-n-k, it's his Dad's house," For once, Siby and Kadodkar agrees. Ankit removes a quartered bottle of old monk rum and start rolling a joint as the rest start speaking in a loud voice.The latter scold them, "Listen guys, don't make noise. This is not my dad's house and if we get caught, we are screwed for life and make sure, nobody..I fucking repeat..nobody gets a hang of it." The rest quivered.
Kakodkar tries to make sense, "So whose house is it, Ankit."
"How the fuck would I know."
"And Mrs Deshpande."
"That I have heard that she is the owner when I was passing by once."
"Fuck dude, you are mad."
Bee suggests, "Now that we have barged like thieves into some nameless Mrs Deshpande's house, let's survey the house, it should be fun."
Ankit stop all three of them,"Ok fine lets go aaram se and see the huge bungalow and we can sit inside one of the room. As it is, it's cold here."
They scurry in the dark, careful enough not to make the slightest noise so as not to avoid the midnight's devil in the garb of the security guard. They switch on the light on their respective cellphones and slowly opened the door of one of the rooms.
"Fuck..shit..bhenchod..aye shapat,"
They are aghast as fear ran down their spines. What they just saw was something they would never forget, not even in their wildest dreams. It was the body of a man lying in a pool of blood.
The four shock-stricken guys made their way down and reached the car as it screeched its way towards the deserted road....

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