A mystery called love

Contemplating on the love that could be as I sip a cuppa tea to warm the body as the windy temperature soar to new height.
Wondering on the love that could be, my heart is seethed with entire gamut of emotions.
The feeling called love.
It is shrouded with mystery.
A case of love mystery versus emotional turmoil.
The very idea of falling in love remain hackneyed as our minds swerve from one emotion to another.
What is this feeling called?
Sometimes, I am amazed at the futility of feelings where the heart is inter persed with the mind.
The very mention of your name bring a smile and radiance to my face.
As I assign random thought to your cute smile and face, it kindle my heart.
The heart beat escalates as I see the emergence of your shadow.
Words belies logic.
Then, when did logic has ever won precedence over the heart?
All the justification comes to a halt when emotion over run the mind.
The mind is fickle, so is the heart.
The heart propels us to attempt silly stuffs.
It bears no logic and no justification for our crazy antics.
As the say wishes don't come true.
If it did, you would have been by my side.
Though the heart would like to believe that you will thrust yourself in my arms.
The heart is a forever optimistic agent in matters of love.
Ha! How I wish it would hold true in reality!
Alas! The heart never lies coz it knoweth for sure that I yearn for your love.


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