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One wonder what to jot on this space as I chose to nicely chuck Mr Diary for the day. Ahem! Ahem! I shall feign ignorance on matters of deep secrecy as I just can't go viral here coz being a personal space is one thing and the blog is just public viewed by hundreds across the globe.
I am on cloud 9 these days. It's been roller coaster ride for me. Being a journalist is something I should thank my stars for. Okay, I am taking the liberty in being pompous to the hilt. Last month, I established a record of sort as I conducted nine interviews and by mid September it gonna be five..5 more and the tally shall reach 10. Well! wishful thinking. Way to go, baby! It's soo fucking good pleasure:) I had the good fortune of meeting the founder of Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust (AJCT) whose students performed on Amir Khan's Satyamev Jayatev. She is such a wonderful soul and throughout my interaction with her and Sunita Singh and Dr Ashok Dutta, I have learned a lot from them during the three days spent with them. One need a lot of dedication to make things happen and when one is ignited by passion and zeal, the sky is the limit. I think the most beautiful and shining example of Amar Jyoti schools in New Delhi and Gwalior is that they welcome in their institutions, 'differently-abled' and 'other abled' kids which is, indeed, a beautiful example of inclusion in education.
Life is forever an education as you learn one lesson or two in your interactions with people. And, we thought education stopped as we accumulate degrees and pedigrees!
The interview of Dr Uma Tuli appeared in the Friday's edition of our newspaper as I hark back only to realize that I notched four interviews in mid-September. It is a beautiful feeling..a feeling of fait-accompli as this interview is one of the best I've sealed in a crowded Indian resto. A case of professional fulfillment. Moving on to newest things. Yesterday morning, a friend buzzed, appraising me of the latest decision in his life. He is moving to London on Saturday..read today, he must be enjoying the thrills in Emirates right now, being sandwiched in between the super hots.air hostesses..just kidding okie! I mean being swarmed by the hot chicks, read air hostesses..I was one nine months back as I enjoyed the perk of traveling by Emirates. Since then, I swore loyalty to the airline and I recommend everyone not to shun UAE aircraft.
Back to Friday. Sam buzzed me to inform of the plan to go back to London as we fix 8.30 p.m where he will come to pick me up. Done. I have an event at 7-something as I reached there, I was informed that it will start at 8 p.m only due to some unforeseen circumstances. Bingo! I stayed at the event for 40-minutes more as I am set to meet ma pal. We went for ice cream at some place. Man! What fun we had with Sam's gym pals. Totally awesome!!!!!I mean these guys are so much fun and boisterous. It was an altogether laughter-riot man as we splintered at someone's else expense. It was a Friday well spent and fun well-deserved. I feel it's important not to lose the child in us even though we are far out from the teenagers' day. I have seen so many friends who sports the serious look on their faces as they set pace in the working world. That's so 'uncool.' Never lose the child within is my mantra. New kid on the block is happyyyyy.
Sunday..Sunday..we all love Sunday, isn't? After toiling for the whole week, the last day of the week seems like a jamboree..real icing on the cake. Well, for me at least, I have one Sunday in a month as I chortle, aha Sunday coz three Sundays in an average month, I spend my time in the office. That's the life of a journalist. Ahem! Ahem! Today is my beautiful Sunday as I laze around at home and mesmerize at the day free of office chakkar.
Guess, work not gonna leave me. It's a life full of riddles, you must be contemplating.

10.00 a.m: Wake up time
I woke up at 10 which is quite early according to my Sunday-off standard. My normal wake up time is noon. I gotta some work to wrap up and send to office as I get set to call some of my contacts and concoct some stories.

1 p.m: A state of 2 minds
Pondering on whether I should catch up Ek Tha Tiger at 1.00 p.m or go for the 4 p.m slot. After much dilly-dallying, I opted for the former as I spend the time chatting to Megs, munching on Filmfare and reading Mumbai Mirror at leisure and at my own place, and of course, blogging and yamming with u, babes and dudes.

Post 4p.m:
I shall be in the theater watching Salman Khan's antics and romancing the sassy, sultri Katrina Kaif. n ma platter, gotta read The Average Indian Male by Cyris Brocha and Lady Chatterley's lover. I shall also jump to the other blog on wordpress.com and try to get some brand new post..guess time to kick my creative bum and then, working on ma rom-com novel.
Till then, asalum waleikum
Good Bye
Njoy Sunday

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