2012 so far and still counting

Time flies fast and how! I remember just waking up to the glares and sun of Goa on first January of this year. There was no time to look back as 2012 is nearing to an end. Time is a bitch has emerged as my favorite expression. Hey, we are too far from 31 December, actually not too far. The brand new year is looming closely like the ship approaching the moor.
2012 has been a good year so far and it's like mint chocolate and I hate it getting over like that. C'mon, I started off in Goa and visited the place I call my hometown Pune. I had a fucking awesome holiday as I was back with a bang in Maximum city, Mumbai. The very bestest time I had from December end till the start of January. I was the happiest person in the world.
2012 was the year of crushes as cupid pierced straight in my heart. There was an old crush revisited and the tragedy that she did not even had an iota of my interest re-garnered for her in Goa. She's the sweetest person on earth. Later, another crush and then another one..then the major crush happens and every time, I think of her she brings a smile on my face. I dunno whether it's love. Nowadays, it's all too easy to term the feeling as love. I don't wanna to give a name to the feeling that I have for her. Yes! We do share a special bond.  Life is beautiful and this feeling is the most awesome feeling. It can get complicated and I don't wanna that for happen. Ahem! Ahem! This is the most beautiful feeling and expression. It is something I'm feeling after aeons. This beautiful feeling propel one to gambol on the street and let yourself loose.
I made some great friends in 2012 and it's an aha moment in ma life as I gyrate the song and dance of life. As they say, life is an eternal musical string and let's strike a chord and pull all strings together.
Yay! I started to work on ma novel and two scripts simultaneously. I have to concede that the authors of rom-com and campus romance has hit me like a bolt on my head and my over-dependence has propelled me to write something on these lines. The only hitch is that I left the novel midway and when I decided to go back, it seem that I have lost my mojo and it will take a while to get it back. I need to sledge the hammer to crack the nut swiftly. My scripts are also lying unattended and need to fix that. This is where the bucks stop. I just wanna see my name on the shelf of Indian authors at Landmark and Crossword. This is a small dream nurtured and gotta chase the dream or dreams.
The only hitch is that I have a credit card very much beyond my control and the debt are hurtling to new heights. Baby! It's high time to put an end to the debt. It screwed me. I wasn't able to swill my savings and my holidays to Goa and Mumbai is seriously compromised. Nah! It's not happening this year and I gotta look out for some cheaper destination that make not create a gap in ma pocket and for fewer days for the new year. Though, I am positive and hopeful that some magic can be weaved. This will be the biggest gift of 2012 if I am able to open my eyes in either Mumbai or Pune.
On the social networking front, I became more active on Twitter something that was not very appealing. But, it's a good medium for professional networking and harmless fun. The biggest flaw: I haven't been able to cut on smoking and gonna calcify my creative urge to blow creative circles in the air.
It's a Sunday and it's past 5.30 a.m and I am very much awake, lively and kicking on the last day of the month of September. Today, Ganpati has been immersed. Let bid Bappa farewall..Ganpati Bappa Morya puchya varshi laukarya. I so miss the fun celebration and dhinchak music and dance in amchi mumbai and mala Pune. On this note, I put an end to ma yak-yak and endless rattling.

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