We are what we are

You were not born to watch passively at the happenings in the world.
You are not a passive spectator to still waters.
The moment you ushered in the world, you started crying.
It's sign of your rebellious streak.
Why do you behave as you grow old?
You were born to rebel.
Fuck the world, screw their preconceived norms, moral values and old age traditions.
They tell us to behave?
Why should we?
We are at our awareness best?
We protest against their high-handedness..so?
We believe in revolution..so?
We want to live our life and assert our individuality. so?
We don't wanna adhere to your rules..so?
We are not passive spectators to your idiosyncracies.
We shall be who we are.
We ain't gonna tell you what we are.
Why should we?
So that you tell us who we are?
You make the rules that we can't adhere to?
Why do you wanna control our lives through your legislations?
To control us?
It's not our problem that you have a problem with our attitudes?
You invented the institution of marriage not us?
You were the ones who invented the word government.
As if we care?!

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