The Love Letter

I have been longing for her presence at Bandra station. Every time, she edges past me, fluttering her long hair playfully , earphone in her ears as she strutted her way inside the Andheri fast local. I have been playing the waiting game for three months. It was sheer agony fighting against myself. If she was waiting at the station for a long time, her gregarious friends would unfurl themselves as they broke into splinters How I abhor her friends, the spoilers?
Every time, I was planning my way to drop a hi, I was forced to yank my way as she engulfed in a passionate conversation with her pals. She looks very cute and sweet as she sported the bejesus expression to her friends narration of matters. How they rode roughshod over my pent up feelings! I shushed at their ignorance of my feeling for their beautiful friend. She was my angel.
Today, I've been waiting for an hour and have not seen the slight shadow of hers at Bandra station. Where has she gone? I don't even know her name and I have nurtured feeling for her. Love is a bitch. As I boarded the train and glean on the copy of Midday, somebody spurted inside the train. It was her. She glowed in the green salwar kameez. A voice within said, 'It's the time now. It's now or never.' I removed a sheet from my notebook and swiftly scribbled something. As Andheri station was slowly approaching, I plucked my courage and sidled towards her, 'excuse me' in a barmy manner.
She turned her neck towards me and smiled sheepishly, "haan, kya?"
Yeh aapke liye, as I handed her the first love letter.
She gently unfolded the letter and gleaned through the letter charily. She simpered, 'station aa  gayi mujhe jana padegi.' She hustled through the jeering crowd who were struggling to enter the train. As I jumped on the platform, I lost her in the crowd.
I saw her the next day as I slowly approached her group of friends, she pretended not to notice him and oblivion of my presence. She sounded awkward as one of her friend asks, Anjali kya hua?"
She looked straight at her, Kuch nahin yaar, bas exams ki tension.
She turned her gaze towards me and  ushered her eyes towards the train. I entered the train and she followed me, waving bye to her friends. She slipped a piece of red-colored paper in the pocket of my trousers. As I read the letter, it says Hi I am Anjali. We can't really speak to each other. I like your letter. Though I admit that I received a blot from the blue and I think we should speak through pen and papers. By the way, don't forget to tell me your name next time.
We exchanged glances, smiles and letters for more than three months. We have shared our worries, dreams and aspirations in more than 200-letters. Finally, I told her that I love her in the letter during our journey in the train. I also left a red rose on the seat next to her. Anjali couldn't pick up the rose since her friends were around. She sheepishly looked at them and judging by her body language, I could tell that she was scared too. The next day, she put the letter in an envelope that was bejewelled by beautifully designed flowers. As I opened the envelope with care, I was getting goosebumps in my stomach. I close my eyes and finally, I tried to be brave to see her answer,"I love you too."
The next day, I waited for her at Bandra. She didn't came. I waited for the whole day. Days and months have elapsed and I was worried at whether something might have happened to her. My mind was wrecking havoc and it's been more than two months.
One day, I obtained a letter that I have been selected for a job with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Dubai, I wanted to know what happened to Anjali. I became friend with one of the guys in her group, Ankit and when we went for tea and a smoke outside Bandra station, I casually asked him about Anjali. He told me that Anjali's father is in the diplomatic services and the whole family has moved to Sweden and she will do her Mba there. Ankit also told me that she was secretly in love with a guy whom she was meeting in train but couldn't speak to since her parents are strict and anyone could have seen them together. I hugged Ankit and said good bye.
As I walked towards the bus stop, I could sense a jumbled feeling. I wanted to jump and dance because she was in love with me and at the same time, I was so angry that she left without telling. I wanted to cry.
Two years later:
I came back to Mumbai since I wanted a career shift. I would soon join a well known advertising agency Sharp Eyes in Mumbai. Dad and Mom had a talk with me about marriage and they convinced me about a beautiful girl who is the daughter of dad's friend. At first, I brushed aside the marriage proposal since a day did not passed when I did not thought of Anjali. Finally, I relented and we went to meet the girl. I was sitting comfortably on the sofa when a girl in red saree slowly walk towards me with a tray of coffee and biscuits. I looking upwards as she uncovered her head.
What happened was going to change my life forever and forever. I was knocked off the chair as Anjali smiled to me. Like me, she was bewildered at what sprang in front of her. We smiled to each other. Our parents were not aware of what's happiness and they were as shocked as we. We started to hug each other and we didn't care what our parents would think. We said, I love you' unison and tears dropped on our cheeks.

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