Amitabh & Me

The light of eternity.
Your name, Amitabh carries the meaning 'light'.
It sparkled our lives.
May the light never cease shining on you, Amitji and your wonderful family.
You have been an inspiration to millions across the globe.
You have been an inspiration to me, my biggest inspiration.
Amitabh & Me.
Like the greek God, you stand tall true to your name and magnetic personality.
Your rich baritone voice echoes good voice within my heart.
The moment you utter a single word, it send waves across.
The kind of positive vibes you spread is testimony to your being and our being.
I have hero worshiped you.
There is no one like and will never be.
A supercool dad, Hindi cinema greatest superstar, doting grandfather to our lil' and cute daughter Araadhya and greatest actor in the world.
Yet so humble and down-to-earth.
You are always so self-depreciating about your achievements.
Our generation must take a leaf and bow to you.
The kind of frenzy you set when you walk into a room. 
In one word, it's complex to describe you.
Your larger than life persona send tizzy across.
The influence that you have on my life is such that at the mention of your name I go berserk.
You are the undisputed king beyond the game numbers.
The dignity with which you handle your professional and personal life is something to die for.
What I would not give to be in the same frame as you.
The biggest dream in my life is to meet you, sir.
As they say, age is just a number.
Life begins at 70.
Happyyy Birthday to shri. Amitabh Bachchan, the phenomenon of this century.
With love

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