Childlike innocence

childlike innocence, riveting eyes and chasing my dreams.
As I sing gleefully,  my eyes chase the biggest dreams in life.
There is no holding on to what's not mine.
The chorus is missing, the song is not yet composed.
As they a sing a lullaby to me, I direct my gaze and crane my neck to the next best thing.
It eludes me and it seem far away from my eye.
I haven't said my last word coz I know it is not a distant dream.
Dreams that I nurture in my heart, for I know that one day it will come true.
Impossible for naysayers, possible for me.
I believe that I can.
For the great doer is only but me.
I just don't make hullabaloo of it, they do.
Dreamer, lover and adventurer.
That's me.
I day dream of the feat.
It's just a matter of time.
For slowly but surely I shall reach the destination.
A destination fraught with bruises, deception.
I shall arrive.
There is no fun without hurdles.
I shall arrive coz I have the childlike curiosity burning inside.
Let the fire spread.

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