Set to conquer Gurgaon

The countdown start rolling and rollicking as I gambol on the days and nights hovering. Six more days and I am set to visit a new city, Gurgaon. I have never been to Gurgaon which is 30 minutes to one hour away from Delhi and honestly speaking, it was far far away from my travel list. The only thing is that it is eight-days trip fully funded by the Indian Government. Officially speaking, I am on duty and it doesn't go without saying I shall enjoy the perks in terms of sight seeing and exploring the city.
I am excited to discover the city that I have never been. It shall add to my travel data base and it's always cherry on the cake to discover a brand new city, new people, make new friends and of course, networking. For a journalist, networking is a sine qua non and dire necessity in today's world. It opens a whole new avenue coupled with immense possibilities where one is afforded a unique opportunity to discover an entire gamut of 'windfall gains.' The offer came unexpectedly as I was informed from official quarters that I have been chosen to represent my company. I jumped leaps and bounds as the Priyanka Chopra's song, In My City' blarring to my ears. Yeah, babe I gonna be in your city and make some new friends.
Apprehensive! I am always since it's a new experience and through I am confident of the eight nights, it's a new city for me. But, that's the fun part of being in a new city all by myself and enjoying every moment in the city. It will also be my first trip to Delhi as I get set to get down at Shrimati Indira Gandhi International Airport while my stop has always been Mumbai, albeit, Chitrapathi Shivaji International Airport. Guess, when I reach Gurgaon at 3 in the morning, I shall sleep till noon and get set to explore Gurgaon which I've told is very well-developed and mall mushrooming all over the city. Come Monday, assignment start as I shall hunt for interviews with important interviews..well that's just a teaser..ahem! ahem! I shall pull all strings to grill two important personalities, to say the least.
Frankly speaker, I am restless as I can feel the chill down my spine and I am bestiring myself to the joy of discovering the new city and its people. It's my premiere professional experience on such a grand scale and I am aware that I will rub shoulders with giants in my field, learned men and women who are maven at the craft. I am looking forward to learn and draw inspiration from these beings. Though, eight days conference is quite less but there are so much that one can do in one day work and I gotta eights day. It's grand and an opportunity that can only spruce the 'professional me' up. It shall buttress the individual in me with regard to my craft as a journalist and it is indeed the start of many beautiful surprises like this one.
The only hitch is that I will not be able to visit my favorite city Mumbai and what I call my home, Pune. I am supposed to understand I will be caught in a swirl of activities and adhering to my professional assignment is what prevail. It pinches when one cannot be in maximum city and Pune. Like one friend remarked, you be in India without being in Pune and Mumbai. What to do? Sometimes things get out of control as we caught in a maelstrom of professional activities. But, but, I am grateful to Bharat sarkar for giving me such an opportunity. It's a dream come true and further reinforce the view that India has made me who I am. I am eternally grateful to my country of origin.
Time to wave good night folk. Watch out as I shall narrate the Gurgaon and Delhi story.

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