At a time when we are looking up to celebrate X-mas and brand new year, somebody is crying.
Many of us have set the mood as we are indulging in alcohol and expensive food feast.
We are busy checking out the hotel for our holdings.
Somewhere, there is gloom.
A young and helpless woman was raped by six bastards who wanted to satisfy their animal instincts.
What was the fault of this woman?
Did she intimidated these man by her personality, the gender that no longer rely on man?
Or was she just a woman?
She paid the price for being  woman.
It's repulsive the way women are increasingly being subject to torture and violence.
It makes me ashamed of being a man today.
It scares me when I will walk on streets where women will cast a glance at me.
They shall smile at me or point accusing glance at me, RAPIST.
I will face the wrath incurred by hard working and patriot Muslims, TERRORISTS.
True, I believe in equality between sexes.
It's holier-than-true that I respect women believe they are the ones who call the shots,
They have reached their position in society through sheer hard work.
Who shall believe me after such a heinous act was committed by six desperate men?
An act that is beyond human comprehension.
Why is it that I cannot protect my female friend, mother, daughter and sister?
I shall tell my son not to rape rather than tell my daughter not to step out in the dark?
My forefathers have failed in educating their sons.
They have indirectly condoned violence against women by easily labeling them as 'sluts.'
They couldn't muster the courage to see a strong and empowered woman?
You know why?
Because it hurt their sense of pride and ego in a patriarchal society.
Indeed, it suits their dogmatic religious beliefs.
Protesting against human suffering, RAPE is no longer solely WOMEN business.
It is our role as MEN to protest against such perfidious cowardice act.

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