2012 in a nutshell

14 days to go and 2012 will soon become the year that was..period! The year that started marvelously started to unfold itself in a flick of time as events, totally unforeseen unwrapped itself. It started, moved ahead and waned away like thin air. It's been a beautiful year, surprises sprouting minus a few hiccups. But, then where is the excitement without a few dollops of upset. It's been a warm, very successful and amazing year both on the personal and professional year.

1. January started on a fun-filled and rollicking manner. I woke up to my amazing holidays in SoGo (an euphemism I just coined for South Goa). I partied at a frenz frenz marriage in Miramar and danced to the joy of the newly married couple. It started with a bang and as I look back, perhaps the saying hold true when they say that when the first day start on a great note, the ending is truly fantastic. Holier than true.

2. March was the month when I obtained the much expected appraisal which shot up by three and a half grand. Patience is a virtue. Well said. As mom says, success belong belong to those who try. A slow but sure indication of great things happening in life and reason enough to motivate the self to work even hard. This was cherry on cake. The best was yet to happen!

3. Love is an oxymoron. Well, the most ironic part about me is that I happen to fall head over heels with someone but only to realize it's not love. Yes, yes, I admit of not able to bring the relationship to the next level as lose interest. It's an entirely malfunction of both my head and heart. No! not that!! I am focused on some career plan that propel the love funda to take a back seat. The good part is that I nurture three crushes on three different women and post the crazy manifestation of the head, I'm back to normalcy. The most serious crush happened in the month of May, the first one happened in Goa in June and the other one seeped in much before May.

4. I just love the social media. I've been forever present all over the place blogging my way to happiness, make a special guest appearance on Twitter, Linkedin and forever in a full fledged role on Facebook. It paid high dividends. FB made me win..oops sorry renew bond with old frenz..i'm amazed as to how I become friends with school and college pals with whom I would exchange a mere hi, hey..whatever that means. I met a few friends with whom I was fell out of touch on FB and in November reunited with a dear friend Shikha after twelve years. Could you believe that? A school friend..we started chatting like old and lost buddies. There was Aishwarya who was my class mate at Fergusson College, Pune and I dropped a hi and we added each other on g chat. We hit off instantly and became such great friends. Who says that social media is devoid of a heart?

5. June & December. Professionally speaking, both months are intertwined as in June I spent two years in the media as a professional and justice had it that on December 14, it made two and half years. Started as subeditor and this year shifted as a reporter and since then, there has been no looking back. Did  tell you that I lined up great interviews this year..the list is long..Dr Karan Singh, Rajya Sabha MP and ICCR president, Uma Tuli of the Amar Jyoti Charitable Trust and Miss South Africa, Melinda Bam. The list is long. To cut a long story short, I lined up nine interviews in a month. That month was August. I was short of number ten since September 1 fall on a Saturday. Unlucky me! I ended up biting my own fingers.

6. 2012 is a year that I will cherish for a very long time. I made great frenzzz at work and during my trips in Mumbai and Delhi. Life can't be more beautiful and as they say, there are good people on earth. Like a couplet, I go and sing a song dedicated to frenz and networking.

7. October/ November. It was unexpected and I was taken by storm. I was chosen by the Indian Government to be part of journalists delegates to cover the Indian Ocean Rim Association for Regional Cooperation known as IOR-ARC at Gurgaon. Well! That's the end of the surprise and that's what I referred to above as the icing on the cake. I had the bestest of time and biggest professional fulfilment. It's been an emotional route, amazing and fulfiling journey where I made such great friends in Gurgaon/Delhi and learned so much from colleagues in the media fraternity. I stayed at the amazing Trident in Gurgaon and attending the conference at Oberoi is, was and will remain awesome. It add zing to one's life as I got back my mojo! The kind of networking and visibility I experience cannot be told but felt inside. It' such a great feeling which words fail to express. It will remain with me perhaps forever and I haven't still recovered from it. I made great friends in Gurgaon and Delhi. What more can I ask from life?! Better than that spoil the gorgeous feeling. I am grateful to those who facilitated my trip, including my boss, Indian Government and MEA.

What's life without a few unsettling and unfulfilled tasks. Here, it goes:
8. I started my novel and a few scripts but like always, it's still hanging somewhere in the closet. The range of progress made is far far from satisfaction. But, the work continues.

9. I have been unable to save money, a huge credit card balance hovering on my head and the salary been quite late for past few months. Hopefully, it shall be a thing of the past like the great year that 2012 been. I am an optimist and looking forward to smashing end of 2012..hey dudes and babes, in fourteen days lotsa things gonna happen..there's my new cell phone and i-pad on the cards. Looking forward for an awesome 2013. Hope yours was great as well and 2013 will be even better.

Love as always,

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