Merry Xmas

Merry Xmas! Bah! We all waited for the clock to struck midnight in different places in the globalized world. The world celebrate christmas today as people will rejoice with a couplet of wine and eating delicious pastries.
Xmas is a time for celebration. I treated myself by putting a hand made christmas card on my table, the wine bottle is waiting to be poured on the thin white glass and gonna use my new acquired gadget the HTC One X cellphone which comes as the treat for this year. Yeah! I shed a bomb on the new phone but what's the harm to treat oneself to goodies when we toiled our ass so hard for one year at work. It's a beautiful feeling. This X-mas is special since I made lotsa gud frienzz who have become special and as it stands, 2012 was brilliant for me. I started off with my Goa holidays, traveled to Delhi for work where I stayed at Trident Gurgaon where I made wonderful friends during the conference.
Time flies! It can be such a silly bitch! Last year, I was on holiday and at that time of the year, I was enjoying the nice, windy weather of Pune and planning my holidays to Goa. And, this year I contented myself in the office..so missing my frienzzz in India. It's quite hard. Trust me on that! But, then we can't have everything and as I just told you, it's been a great year full of zing and unplanned surprises! I cannot complain too much as next year I shall be back to India for holidays!!
We are looking up to the joy of life but let's spare a thought to the child who is deprived of a meal, family living in distress, the family whose son or daughter was killed in a road accident and the number of women subjected to physical and mental torture albeit rape. My wish to father Xmas this year is to save the life of the girl whose condition is critical in Delhi and who was brutally raped and assaulted by six savages. I ask father Xmas to give the family strength and give the girl strength so that she recovers and can continue her medical studies. In  a way I am happy that several thousands young men and women stormed the streets of Delhi to protest against the rape at a time they could have enjoyed a drink in the pub. Who says the youth are irresponsible! It's the perfect example of what the youth represent.
Anyways, merry Xmas 2012, lovely people
Spread love N cheers
Say no to Rape and Violence.
Much Love

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