Faltu plans

Things you can and should do to spice up X-mas and New Year 2013..so enuf of my bak-bak and more dhak-dhak......enuf of long posts and writing up thesis on this entry..lemme spare you the boredom as this time of the year is not meant to read long and tiring posts

1.  Chill in Goa and Bahamas. Gatecrash at the most happening party in tinsel town and let yourself loose.

2. Trip on weed, drink barrels of beer as you usher in a new era.

3. Go on adventure sports, trekking and bungee jumping.

4. Sex on the beach with a stranger. At your own 'fucking risk' though?!

5. Eat a long of goji-berries. It increase your stamina and metabolism.

6. Yell like mad on the top of the mountain.

7. Leave your job and splurge all your finances. kidding! lol

8. Plan a heist in the bank. Again, got you there!

9. Be the male or female desi Gaga. Dress like her and color your hair red. If someone calls you made, administer a sharp blow on their faces! Don't worry about the cops, they'll be all high on alcohol and grass.

10. Throw away your lap tops, I-pad, cellphones and other gadgets in the sea at Marine Drive.

11. Tell your mom that you are leaving the house and that you are in a living relationship only to come back at 4 a.m in the morning waking up mommy from slumber, yelling maa she left me or she turned out to be lesbian.

12. Wake up the neighborhood with blaring music in your car at 3 in the morning.

13. Steal all fire crackers in your town and sell them for a dime.

14. Send your photograph in all newspapers with the heading, 'Missing' as you flee to Goa.

15. Dress like Dumbledore and crawl through the most happening party in town with a lamp in your hand.
(To be continued..ab ayega mazaa)

Disclaimer: Do all the above at your own risks. The author shall not be responsible for any arrest, heart attack of mom, wrong information supplied to the media, getting bashed by neighbors, parents disowning you from property, scaring people in party, accident, death or falling unconscious to excessive ganja. Ek dum faltu...

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