Pledge for a better 2013

Come this time of the year, we brace ourselves to set things afresh and set for new year resolutions. I have applied the brake to resolutions since they are made to be broken. So, it's been ages I have stopped making resolution as we usher in a new year full of promises and hope.
I pledge to treat women with respect and protest against any situation when a women is treated in an unfair manner and shall protest against such uncouth behavior. I have always believed in men and women being equal in society but, unfortunately, many men don't get it in the right way. Such men must be taught a lesson. I shall intervene when things get out of control and will no tolerate such nonsense.
Every time, I say the same things but it looks like its an old song rehearsed and oft-repeated. Well, it's been ages since I started writing a script and novel. Every time, I say that I shall work more regularly with my novel and script. Alas! I end up not doing anything about it. In 2013, I pledge of working more diligently and this time I am not fixing any ambition of finishing the draft since it never happen. I shall strive to be more regular in my creative urge.
I have also fixed in my mind to be more cautious with spending. The spend thrift that I am was finally able to settle my huge credit card debt of 19k. I took a whole year to do so thanks to the company bonus and leave money that was due. I finally heave a sign of relief. I shall make each and every effort to save my money so that I am able to..to..afford my end of year holidays in Goa and perhaps, Dilli. I shall do it. Plus, effort will be needed and desired to cut on smoking which is a killer and till now, my addict habit is not leaving. It takes a lot to cut on fags and am confident to be successful on that count.
I am also planning to join an insurance plan and I gotta the shameless nerve to say that it's an idea I toyed with since a year. Naturally, like most ideas it fell flat on my face but this time I gotta be serious with the insurance plan as a back up saving. Dude! Dude! I gotta seriously cut on unnecessary expenses which has been a hindrance to my material well-being.
Professionally speaking, I shall prepare my work beforehand as often I land up in office without plan to cook stories and I am often sent in a tizzy and caught in a swirl of confusing and panicking activities. I shall ensure that I have some stories in place before reaching office and it start from tomorrow. I also pledge to spend less time in office and hunt for more stories outside by meeting people. 2013  will be the time to move my ass further away from the chair to meet contacts and make stories. I am also on the look out for some freelance work with media houses in UAE, Malaysia and, perhaps, Mumbai and Delhi for some first hand experience. There are so much to write and if I rack up my brains and be consistent, there are some thousand ideas that I can come up with.
This blog has lacked short stories in 2012. I shall come up with several short stories, letters and real life incidents. Moreover, let me announced that I have turned up as an ant-rape social activist and many posts will be devoted to the issue. The rape of 'Nirbhaya'/ 'Damini'/ 'Amanat', the daughter of India has changed my life and millions of Indians across the globe. I used the social media to spread awareness on the issue of rape and shall do more to spread the message on the issue where women are repeatedly rape. I am serious on the issue and shortly, a short story on the plight of women is in the offing.


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