(Un) Holy Grains of Truth

I am.
Brought to the world, adorn with love yet you rejoiced when I cried in the cradle.
You knew that you held a remote to control my dreams and emotions.
You taught me not what I wanted to learn but what you wanted to dispense as knowledge.
The choice of truth and knowledge is yours and not mine.
Your lies and half baked truth are considered as the holy gains of truth.
You dispensed religious lies and bigotry, half baked and doomed spirituality.
You wanted to imbibe in me political and religious bigotry.
In your crime against mankind, you forgot that I shall not pay heed to you.
As I discover the truth and your doomed failure, I shall not listen to your hate speech.
I shall not subscribe to your unholy, uncouth truth about love, marriage and religion?
Why should I hate men and women belonging to different faith?
Why should I believe that I control the life of a woman?
Why should I not believe that men and women are equal?
Just because you say so!
I have already waged a war against your self-written books of knowledge?
You have a notion of pre-established society that suit your own interest.
You can be happy with your doctrine of religious morality and social mores.
I am not happy with your teachings of God and Goddeses versus immorality.
I shall make my own way to seek the universal truth.
The universal truth that does not rely and is validated by your ludicrous and morbid mindset.
I was born in this world to assert my own individuality and make my own choice.
I am a soul and I strive to be a good soul.
My fight is not directed against you but the values that you represent.
How can I worship a Goddess locked in a temple?
Free her and I shall fall at your feet.
You insult her, exploit her and sexually abuse her to show your dominant nature and patriarchal power.
Yet! You worship her.
I laugh at your own double-standards reeking of hypocrisy.
Search for your own self and be truthful with your soul first before telling me about social mores and religion.
I am, me myself not some fake fabrication of society.

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