Happy wala budday to Trident

A birthday is a day to rejoice and a reminder of how youthful you are. You sit and enjoy the praises showered by everybody to you. It add zing to your existence as you turn nine. This spell true for Trident, an offspring of Oberoi Group of Hotels who celebrated its ninth anniversary on Monday, 7 January.
Staying at Trident Hotel is a refreshed experience as the hotel staff does everything to ensure that your stay is a fruitful one and laden with positive energy. The vigor with which the staff fulfil their duties is a treat and they approach their work with so much love and passion. It is a lesson in hotel management and a life-long lesson that one can learn. As you check-in at Trident hotel, you are welcomed by bright faces and the traditional namaste and the beautiful and charming hostess applies a tilak on your forehead. No matter how professional someone is, the traditional Athithi Devo Bhava is not lacking at Trident Hotel and certainly not at Gurgaon. As you are given your room number bearing the trademark, Trident with its tagline, "At Trident You are Sure" a hostess accompanies you to the room where the TV is displayed with the welcome video of the hotel.
The room is beautifully displayed where the bed sheets are placed in such a cleaned, flawless and romantic manner and no night god can deter you from falling asleep. You have a mini bar, tea/coffee making spot and of course, wifi internet connection that is moderately priced. What struck me is how the newspapers and magazines are neatly arranged and the valet work tirelessly to make your room feel like home. Staying at Trident is so much a beautiful experience that you can easily afford to give a miss to your home.
The chef at Cilantro offers a variety of exotic dishes for lunch and dinner such as flavors of Italy, spice street, barbecue chicken. Add to that the sumptious delicacies such as gulab jamun and the wonderful ice cream. You can try out an entire gamut of business lunch at Saffron and relax over a glass of beer watching over cricket or football at the bar. Plus, the coffee at Cilantro is amazingly strong to kick up your day so is the cappucino along with a complementary cookie at the bar. The cherry on the cake is the dedicated staff who goes a long way to ensure that you enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner in relax manner. As Anubha, assistant manager at Cilantro told me, we are trained to work hard sir and manage a smile on our face. That was when I asked her how do the staff manage to sport a smile on their faces considering that they work so hard. I wondered whether a bad day may have an effect on the angelic faces. But, that's Trident where they are always smiling and the mantra seem to be The Customer is King.
Another staff told me that they work 14 hours a day and add to that is the munimum sleep that they can afford in a day. Still, there is no lack of sparkle on their faces that is determined o bring joy and happiness to the lives of their most esteemed customers. This is the strength of the hotel, their usp is that they are customer centric and one can see that the hotel will never face recession. During a chat with the communication manager, Akanksha Banerji who confessed that she often take a walk to the hotel lobby and the bright and ever-smiling faces of the kids add vigor and positive smile to her face. Holier than truth as I bear testimony to that since despite being tired with work, the ever-smiling faces spread like magic and the tiredness mysteriously disappears.
The hotel room falls nothing short of the place one call home and is equipped with WiFi facilitiy.Plus, there is a small bar where you can make tea, coffee and grab a whisky. There are fruits layed on your table and the dedicated room valet will ask you whether you need some varied fruit apart from the banana and apple. You can learn one thing or two from the valet who neatly arrange the room, lay the bed sheets and fold your newspapers.
Tired after a hard day. Just lie in the bathroom and enjoy the spa as water drop on your body. Certainly, it's an experience in hotel management as the stay at Trident and the work stay is indeed holidaying made possible by Trident.
You can also enjoy a quiet evening at the pool bar where you get access to free wifi till 10 pm and work on your ipad and laptop over a glass of wine and whisky. The beautiful architecture at Trident hotel make one's stay frothy and relaxing. Trident Gurgaon is certainly a gateway to heaven and as the tag line says, At Trident You Are Sure. It certainly is.

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