Dollops of dreams and cookies

There are days when you don't have the slightest, mundane idea what to jostle armed with the lappie's key board and yet, you can resist the creative urge to write. Well, I just wrapped up the collector's edition of Outlook magazine, When I was 17 November's issue. It released the goosebumps to write something on the blog.
I am not taking a life from the theme to go back to the 17 groove no matter how tempting and mouth-watering it is. As I gleaned through the magazine, some ideas cropped in the mind but since I didn't care to jot it down, it got lost in translation. Guess, it got to do with the left part of my brain that keep on forgetting ideas. Here, I am blogging without the slightest idea as how this post will turn out.
It's the start of brand 2012 and hopeful that I am that the new year will usher with new hopes, dreams and achievement coming my way. True, 2011 was a pretty decent year that ended on a bang and 2012 was an amazing year and I hope that 2013 may be a decent year even if the hits of the two successive years are missing. I also hope that 2013 turn out to be a good year for the world, especially for women and that they face less discrimination and they are not oppresed. The mindset must change for the betterment of everybody and paving the way for better and equal society.
I love travelling and barring the few places that I visited, I wanna visit more and more place like Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Pondicherry, among so many places in India and wanna visit Venice in Italy, Istambul in Turkey, Paris in France, Egypt, London and New York in US. In 2014, I wanna go for the world cup in Brazil and this is one of the places I am raring to go. The globe trotter that I am in the making hope to see the world and meet so many new people, sharing similar interests. I am also looking forward to go on work-related travel and am pinning my hope that the adventure repeats itself in 2013. Finally, the plan is on to travel for holidays in December..Oh! December! I can't wait for you to come and bless me with travel.
See, I told you that this post is going nowhere and I am caught in dollops of dreamy adventures. Does it mean that I am bored and it's a prelude that the world will crash?! Dunno! Let me unveil a small secret: I am really missing my cutting chai in the monsoon and yeah, I know that it's not monsoon right now but but..ahem! ahem!
Okie! Let's speak a bit about gadgets and then I'll move to books. I finally laid my hands on an IPad generation four and an HTC One X phone. I love both gadgets that turned out to be my most prized possessions and I think now that I gotta get done with one of the habit that I hate, reading E-books and these are things that I can do on my apple and phone. Either ways, both gadgets comes up very handy and you can work while traveling. Yesterday, I did work on my apple for the first time as a reporter and it's such a beautiful and cherished moment. I am planning to chuck out the traditional note pad and pen which I will use only during extreme situation. Coming to books, I am in the process of wrapping up Blink, a psychological and well-researched book on our cognitive intelligence and human minds that was gifted by a friend in office for my birthday. I also started with Aravind Adiga and am in the process of wrapping up by next week. I am laughing all the way to the knowledge bank.
I shall wrap up my ranting now as the post doesn't seem to go anywhere. Well, I did try to bring something jazzy up while writing but the imaginative and creative skills have failed me up. Oh! Silly mind how I hate you. Guess, I should seriously consider going to Himalayas, smoking joints to draw inspiration to write.

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