Things I Can't Do Without

1. Blogging, Reading and Writing
I write a lot and read several blogs and put an appreciative comments. I can't live without writing which is one of my first love in life. Sometimes, I may end up writing two to three posts in a day. I have also started penning my novel and the fact that is taking a long time to work on is another story.
I read a lot, books and magazines and you will find them on my table. I read Times of India, Hindustan Times, Khaleej Times and Guardian online. I read almost any magazine be it India Today, Filmfare and Cosmopolitan. I read books in the bus and can't imagine my life complete without reading in the morning.

2. Movies
I am a film buff and watch any type of movie, be it full-on entertaining flicks, art or what you call meaningful cinema. I need to watch at least three movies in a week and it's my daily dose of movies. I am also a film critic but since I am on a break, I post my reviews on the blog. I am a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan and can't do without his movies.

3. Television
Ok, let's face, I am potato couch and no I'm not into soap operas and all. Basically, I am newsy and musical person so I am hooked to channels such as NDTV and Headlines Today to watch evening news, Truth or Hype, The Buck Stops Here or Centre Stage. I am a huge fan of Barkha Dutt, Sunetra Chaudhury on NDTV but also love Maha Siddiqui whom I met last year and Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today. On weekends, I am hooked to TV to watch MTV Splitsvilla, Jhalak Dikla Jaa and Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Of course, how can we blog and connect with the world without the gate way of information called net? I can't live without doing bak-was with friends on G-chat and putting some 140 words nonsense on Twitter. In fact, I am finding Facebook less appealing though I've cut myself for a month. I am back but the spark is missing.

5. Coffee
In the morning, I kick start the day with a sinful and strong cup of coffee and can't imagine calling the grains off. Coffee gives the memory a boost and motivate me to the hilt and the time I was working, I would gulp two to three cups a day to beat stress. 

6. Mobile
Mobile phone, no problem, right? Though, I make or do very less calls or sms on the mobile phone, my jeans pocket feel empty without the cell phone. I need to carry the mobile and fidget with the settings on an average day. Being without the phone is like a life full of empty feelings. As they say, the phone define who you are.

7. Music
I can't live without music during an average day and keep downloading and playing songs on the desktop or lap top. I have various taste for music and you name it, you get it, patriotic, soft and romantic numbers, peppy and foot tapping numbers. I have a huge collection of songs which I have downloaded for years and on my laptop, you will find the latest hits and the old songs of 70s as well as romantic songs of 90s.

8. Blabber
I love blabbering and I am a chatter box who keeps talking till someone stops me in my track. I have an opinion on almost everything ranging from movies, music to politics and economy. I just need to talk and if nobody is there to talk, I just lo on chat to trouble my mates.

Happy Sunday
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