Life After Break-Up

Who hasn't been through the after-effects of break-up with the one we shared our existence with? Break-Up has never been that easy, yeah right?! Kidding, babes and duded. It's fun to speak about break-up with a drop of salty and tongue-in-cheek humor coz laughing your butt even on love, romance and break up is good for the soul. Yeah, I am bullshitting about break-up in a fun manner, at least, I am trying to coz laughing or sniggering this post must be as good as a sexual romp.

1. Call your friends
Hey! Common friends, X and Me have decided to call it quit. Yeah! We broke up and I bring to your knowledge that two of your commoners are no longer together and so please refrain from asking either one of us how the other one is doing. You are invited to the party. Shoot an sms or e-mail.

2. Break-Up Party
Take a cue from Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone characters from Love Aaj Kal and throw a break-up party. Yeah! Don't look at me like coz I am serious?! C'mon, you guys can party one last time with your common friends and let the whole world know. Dance till you drop and give each other a huge hug as if it's your last day on earth. In that way, there will be no ill feeling or awkwardness among ex-lovers. Cheers to the wine and alcohol.

3. Mission Statement
Read a Mission Statement or undertaking at the common friends party: We undertake that we are no longer a couple and we will not smooch in hiding. So,stop bugging us by showing sympathy or, 'You are okie, kinda.' Ok, this one for you guys, we undertake that friendship among us will not suffer as we are not urging any one of you to take side.

4. Be Human, Cry a lot
After the party, hugs, mission statement and obviously the alcohol, bury your head under the pillow and cry throughout the night. You are Human and Be Human, so Cry coz you have a heart. Fuck the alcohol in the party, grab the alcohol inside your room for company and cry.

5.Kishore Kumar Songs are always here
The timeless Kishore Kumar sad songs always come handy. So, put on the volume blaringly loud on your lap top and with your daaru glass in hand, Mere Mehboob Kayamat hogi. After all, what better tribute to the timeless Kishore-da who took extra pain and earned a lot for lovers like you. Cry again by listening to Kishore-da songs.

6. Update your FB, Twitter
Now that you are single, let all the hot chicks and cool duded know that you are single and available. Babes and Dudes! The world need to know that you guys broke so that you meet someone interesting, hot and funky. Just broke and can't wait to be in a new relationship or babes, heard the Khula Saand ya Wild Stallion is on a rampage and you have any information on him, let me know, can be your status of the day.

7. Coffee Houses are sad without you
What are you waiting for? Places like CCD, Barista, Aroma, Costa Coffee and Starbucks can't wait for your presence to grace them. In return. you'll get hampers: lotsa chicks and dudes whom you can smile for a conversation coz you can't stay single for long if you sit alone in the coffee house.

8. Write a rom-com
You have the writer bug in you? Why not make money out of your break-up and get set on the lap-top to pen up the story of your break-up. Of course, you don't need to be auto-biographical and you can bullshit a lot with funny stuffs. Rake in the moolah, baby.

9. Enjoy your new found singleton status
Thank your stars for being single and give yourself some ME time, faraway from lovey-dovey and naughty sms-es. Go for the movies alone and feed yourself the pop corn and hang around in the malls. Who knows you might get lucky? Better still, watch movies on DvD, read books and meet friends coz who knows this time may be precious and priceless before the next calamity struck.

10. In conclusion
So, what do we say as concluding remarks on life after break up and all that matters! You've read it all. So enjoy the post and what! you were waiting for more points. Dudes and Babes get a life after reading this crappiest post.


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