Candle of Hopes and Dreams

How life has changed over the past months!
Hope is one thing that never leaves me in the lurk.
Sunrise creeps in after darkness and light comes after darkness.
I light a small candle in my heart for I know, deep inside, that magic will unfold itself.
Optimism is something one should never abandon in the hope of a better tomorrow.
A tomorrow that is eluding me so far.
Perhaps, it is the moment of truth.
Like the say, there are far better and bigger things lying ahead.
Dollops of surprises, like the rain water, is what I am looking forward.
The heart is longing, C'mon surprise me nicely, nature.
Unfold your big heart and hug me.
I want love and the fulfillment of my dreams.
I don't want the dreams to be shattered into tiny fragments.
Why then did you teach me how to dream and aspire for big things in life?

With Love
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