Monsoon Affair (7)

Monsoon Affair (7):

The sky became cloudy and dark, light drizzle sprinkling the city. It was noon when Varun walked on the spacious balcony with a mug of coffee in hand, gazing at the aerial view which extended towards the slums, spanning over hundreds acres. He enjoyed watching the black-and-yellow cabs, bikes and trucks which seems like minions from afar and listening to the rattling, whistling of trains in Mumbai.
She slowly walked on her toes behind him, putting her hand on his waist and gently kissed him on his cheek. 
She beamed and giggled like a child, 'What? I am feeling like the stars today and showering affection on you.' Huma asked, "What are you looking at with so much intensity?"
He took a deep breath, eyes moving in different corners to inspect the city's view and lit a cigarette. "You know," he says, "The city gives us so much but tears apart our real self that will never complete us as human beings. They say, Mumbai never dies but a part of us is destroyed every single day we drain our energy. It's the reality in Maximum City. I wonder whether people who leaves the city can ever survive in some part of the world when the city has given us love, angst, sadness and touched  lives in such a way that coming back may be impossible."
Huma was following every movement of his eyes, intensity and lips twirled with the mouth and knew something was wrong with him. She tried to lighten up the situation, "Are yaar! You getting all tragic and emotional about the city. But, you know I was wondering the last time when I was sitting on the balcony. I love doing that, sitting for hours, the ray of sun shining on me and watching the traffic movement, how we sit in our comfort zone while someone must be struggling on the streets, carrying the heavy burden of life."
She plucked courage, took a deep breath and gently spoke, "Look at us. We are enjoying our lives, every moment holding each other's hands and tasting every moment like ice-cream. Often, we forget that the ice cream melt. Hold an ice-cream in the rain and it will be washed away. I guess, life, love and moments are like that."
Varun received a jolt and turned towards her, "It's one way of looking at things, Huma. The foundation of love can be strong, if nurtured and treated, with care. I was running away from love but the view of the city looks so divine and stunning, that made me suddenly realize that one should face their demons."
He was looking at Huma for approval, whose face suddenly changed to become blank and expressionless. She was avoiding his gaze when he spoke those lines, "Love doesn't work wonders for everyone...let it be!."
Varun was getting pissed and irritated, suddenly asked, "Why you didn't finish the sentence and left mid-way...like that."
Huma almost shouted,"Arre yaar, what's the point of discussing all these things now? Come on, let's enjoy the day...."
He was stubborn and wanted to make his point, "I don't understand how you come you started something and then out of the blue, you blurts out something that I can barely hear and say let it be. Finish it, rather than feign-i-i-i............"
Varun stammered and was suddenly gasping for breath, He was feeling suffocated and his voice became slurred, face turned red. He felt a bullet piercing his heart and an explosion. encapsulating his body and crashed on the floor.
Huma shrieked and flew to his rescue. She shouted, "Varun!!!! You ok, Baby!! Say something, please for God sake and don't remain silent..ok wait,let me bring some water and don't close your eyes, ok." She dashed towards the kitchen, speaking in loud voice to him to keep his awake and threw icy cold water on his face. She started crying and kept shouting to ensure that he doesn't close his eyes, in a state of panic called, Fortis Hospital, desperately shouted on the phone, "Emergency!! Come fast."
Huma held clutched his hand to his head tightly, "Okie, baby! Hang on, they are on their way."

To be continued in next chapter

With Love

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