Monsoon Affair (8)

Monsoon Affair (8)
The ambulance siren blew louder on the busy and chaotic streets of Mumbai, asking to make way and swerved towards Fortis Hospital. Varun was wrestled on the wheel chair and nurses held Huma who was crying loudly.
The doctors pumped oxygen on his face as he breathed heavily. Huma followed the trolley and held her hand to it, as the mobile bed was pushed inside the operation theater. She waited outside, losing her sanity and yelling at nurses. The doctor came out and patted her on the back, "I won't ask who you are in relation to the patient and he is one lucky man to have a lady like you in his life. They don't make women like you anymore who love selflessly. He is out of danger and you can meet him any time soon."
Huma was at a loss of words and couldn't believe that she freaked out for Varun. She rested her head on the hospital wall when someone gently caressed her hair. Turning around, Huma saw her best friend, Niharika who hugged her tightly, "Babe! If this is not love, what is it then?
Huma was going to protest but Niharika told her to shut up and urged to meet Varun inside the room before dragging her home to rest. He was lying on the bed when Huma hugged him. She smiled, "How are you?"
Varun looks towards the ceiling, "Rolling like the fan..it's just tiredness and stress, nothing else. But, you go home and take rest. Thanks for everything." She was fumbling for words to break the silence but was only able to mumble, "You'll be okay, right. We'll catch up tomorrow."
She rushed out of the room and Niharika drove her home. As they were driving Niharika said, "Huma, you know whatever happens in life, happens for the best. Look at you, you are still pretending that you don't love Varun and all it took him to crash, that you freaked out and acted like a devoted wife. You spend your nights in the hospital, crying and cursing fate. I know you will protest but just one thing that I want to tell you that you are paying a heavy price for the not-so-stormy-nights. It's your decision and only you who can take a plunge."
Huma didn't say anything during the entire trip and remained silent at home, tears stopped in her eyes. She was in a shock and Niharika understood what she is going through but secretly hopes, that she will be strong to face her inner demons. She knew that one day the secret will come out one day and needs to be strong to face it. "I must conquer my fear but, at the same time, I cannot allow the thought of Varun to distract my mind," she thought.
Niharika pulls out the cigarette leaves, neatly arranging the ganja and rolled it back in the filter, took a drag, her head perched towards the ceiling fan. Oh!! Huma! Huma! What a life we have! Complexity of love and relationships..let's burn everything tonight with the ganja and vodka." She passed the ganja to Huma, who asked 'who brought it? It's awesome stuff..totally hardcore.' Niharika winked, "Babe! My ex-husband, he is town. Now forget him" and pulls Huma's personal diary, flitting the pages and found something on the back page, written with black gel pen. "That's some secret," she wickedly said.
Huma protested, trying to snatch the diary away from Niharika but the latter held the diary with all the strength as her best friend wrestled with her. Finally, Huma abandoned and withdrew on the bed. Niharika started laughing loud and rolled on the floor, reading the words scribbled:
"Love doesn't work wonders for everyone. I'm no Cinderella who will be rescued by the Prince charming. Just an ordinary gal with flaws, love to have fun sometimes...."
Niharika laugh got more louder than the house could have exploded and said, "Babe! You are hilarious, sometimes, know what do you want in life." Huma froze like a statue, totally expressionless.

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