Signs of Getting Old

I'm reaching an elixir. In search of a youth filled liquor potion to gulp and feel forever fresh to make oodles of energy rushing in the blood and body, like a teenager. Is age getting to me?, I wonder. There are certain things in the body that is making me at odd with myself as I have passed the threshold of 30 and it is suddenly making me wonder how life is changing when I hark back at the not-so-distant past.
Borrowing a cue from my favorite SEPO (http://snehabhatsepo.blogspot.com/2015/01/10-signs-you-are-getting-old.html) who wrote a post on 10 Signs of Getting Old, here I am borrowing the entire tree.

1. Last time, I was invited to a friend's two-year-old birthday bash and post Chillar Party, there were plans for adults to stay over a little late till midnight. I hanged around, had few wines and started thinking that it's already 6 p.m and staying till the wee hours would spell trouble. I shall feel sleepy and pang of back pain started cropping up There is no way that I can stay till midnight and made an early exit, to go home and sleep.

2. By nature, I am a night owl and my Mumbai days were spent, roaming around the deserted streets and of course, places like Marine Drive, either hanging solo in company of friends or in hostel staying awake past 3 in the morning. It's been a year now when the eyes start getting rolling past 11.30 p.m, sleep knocking on the door. It got to do with the fact that I report to work at 9 but there were times when waking up at 6 a.m would mean sleep at 2, past the wee hours.

3. I don't remember the last time I wooed a girl and slowly it's become a phase when the women species hardly exist in my dictionary of life or getting attracted to someone in a public place, be it a bus, shopping mall, smiling to strike a conversation has abandoned me. Where has all the godamn crush (es) gone?!

4. There was a time when every week it would be a must to catch a movie either at the theater or on DvD. It was a religion for me but nowadays, I forsake my religion of movies for weeks and sometimes, it hit a month.

5. When I hit the sack on New Year eve and hate the very mention of fire crackers cum staying awake to whatsapp friends or sms-ing at midnight to wish best wishes in the new season. It's just me and my bed or TV takes prominence over New Year celebration.

6. When loans and EMI start bugging you to no end and getting over stressed when you gonna finish it all to sleep peacefully. Money, Money, Money start making sense and you start planning on Insurance investment to save your ass during rainy days.

7. When you stop whining when you have to wear formal trousers and shirts, which you hate, for special occasions to office. I am a completely Tee and Jeans person. Getting all dressed in formal attire is something I just hate and see the irony of not resisting the monster.

8. When you start getting conscious wearing torn off jeans that makes you an awesome rebel you take pride in. Yeah!! I have a penchant for torn and rugged jeans, one of my favorite 'Flying Machine' is displayed proudly on the chair.

9. When small and minor irritation start getting to the brains and you start feeling so powerless and angry rather than laughing at the stupid you.

10. You star over-analyzing and over-thinking at every mundane stuff that affect your life and the result is, whole day spent mulling at things where you've arrived at no solution to the issue.

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